Could Someone Help me Set up ITarian for Managing Patches in a Hybrid Setting?

Hello everyone :wave:

I currently run computer systems for an intermediate sized business with a hybrid system that includes on site and cloud computing. We want to improve our fill management processes and have considered other solutions. After a bit of research; ITarian patch control feature excited our interest due to its broad feature set and connection options.

Before we continue with us;, I would like to get some knowledge and advice from people who have used ITarian’s patch management in similar hybrid situations.

  • How easily will ITarian patch control connect with current networks Do you have any typical challenges for ensuring a smooth setup?
  • How has the ITarian patch management system survived in terms of safety and accuracy? Has anyone seen any kind of performance issues; during periods of heavy use?
  • One of our main goals is to be able to develop unique patching guidelines while performing the majority of the entire procedure as possible.? Can anyone describe situations where you have used automated workflows to improve fixing tasks?
  • How can ITarian patch management help maintain every device upwards current with the newest safety patches? are there any features you consider useful for monitoring and auditing?
  • Ultimately; how do you find ITarian customer service and facilities useful in the community? Has someone found this information useful when resolving technical setup issues?

We use ITarian for controlling our devices, such as technology installation, updating, and the internet. We started using the ITarian service centre to manage IT support requests. We are using ITarian security products; such as antivirus; to secure our network and devices.

Also I gone through some post related to this but I did not get the proper solution that I wanted.
I would greatly :heartpulse:appreciate any kind of help. Please share any other parts of ITarian’s patch management that you think are beneficial explaining.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: