Criteria for prioritizing tickets

Hi there! From what I see on service desk, there are four priority levels namely: low, normal, high and critical. What’s the criteria for prioritizing tickets in any of the mentioned categories? What guide can we give our users or our staff to prioritize tickets as high, low, critical or normal? I’ve checked the help guides and didn’t see any stuff like that. I’ll appreciate a link or an explanation.

Hello @chales,

We appreciate for bringing this to our attention. At the moment we do not have any help guide discussing the types of priority level on the website hence the tagging will be creators discretion. This will depend on the impact of the issue or how the creator wants to prioritize the ticket. We will also request to further discuss the priority level to our product documentation team for further reference. Thank you

Hi @chales

Our developers has provided the following information with regard to ticket priority. Please see attached file for your perusal.


Service desk - Priorties.docx (241 KB)

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Hi @nct
I’ve removed the invalid link. Please do try the download link in the ‘Attached Files’ section at the bottom part of the above post.

Nice document @Rick_C

Also gives us all a nice insight into how Comodo and larger enterprises might see issue priorities.