I’m really struggling to customize by main dashboard to include the status of major items. I would like to be able to see any active alerts for my devices. For example, if a server is offline, if any of my monitors were tripped, etc. I’ve used Nable and Continuum and they had a dashboard with lights and each column corresponded to a specific attribute or status like AV, disk space, AD, etc. When something was wrong, the light woukd switch from green to red. I know that there is likely nothing exactly like this in comodo but it would be great to know if there is any way I could configure my dashboard in a similar way.

New tiles and improvements to the main dashboard of the C1 / ITarian platform will be added (soon) @jmock. In the first platform update of 2019, a new set of tiles specific for the Patch Management will become available. This is just the first of many to come this year of 2019.

Any suggestions and ideas like this is always good as it gives the dev team ways to improve the system.
Just looking at our dashboard alert monitor status is about the only alert off hand we have nothing for.

Hi @jmock @StrobeTech
Feel free to check the following planned improvements to the main dashboard!