Do you use Logmein/Teamviewer in your MSP business?

Let us know if you use Logmein/Teamviewer and do tell us what you want to see in our product so that you can stop paying for Logmein/Teamviewer and use our product for free!

Just list your wishes here and watch it come true!

I used to use logmein, I requested proper time stamp on endpoint, as well as correct last in address of log in from endpoint. I would like to be able to see how long the user has been inactive, and be able to send the magic packet to WOL. But it seems proper time stamp and last login IP should work correctly first.

Hello @BOSS ,

If by proper time stamp on endpoint you are talking about the missing time zones property (e.g. in ITSM all time stamps were in GMT), in the last release we have implemented both time zone settings in all C1 modules and DST settings. WOL is also on the roadmap and it will be added to ITSM by the end of Q4 2016. We will contact you by email regarding the last request.

Thank you for your feedback!

excellent feedback BOSS, thank you.

Tell us more please, give us more requirements and things to do for you.

I would also like to see the ability to blank the screen of the endpoint. Somewhere in these forums, I have requested all this stuff a couple times.

Hello @BOSS ,

This feature is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on Q1 2017.

I use team viewer for personal usage because I can control Mac and Linux computers (As well as windows) and do it from my iPad/iPhone, give me that and I will not need to use it anymore

Hello @dougaust ,

Both features are included on our roadmap and Linux remote is targeted for Q1 2017. We will contact you over email to keep you updated on the progress for both cases.

Screenconnect. Love it. Bought in when it was affordable for a little guy like myself and it’s cheap to renew so no reason not to continue.

And, as a Plan B, I bought SimpleHelp a couple of months ago.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Are there any features provided by Screenconnect or SimpleHelp that are not available in our RMM? If so, could you please let us know what is missing?

  1. I love the logmein app. I’m on the road a LOT and I love the fact that I can be walking through everyone’s favorite big box store, get a call from the field and be able to log in within seconds and fix a problem myself without having to talk someone through the age old - click here, nooo not there… darn it. It was pretty refined and optimized for phones or tablets.
  2. On the web interface, it was also nice to be able to go look at where and when people were logged into their devices, but it was also one click to be in the file manager and/or their desktop. I’ve only played with the Comodo One RMM today, and it’s handy - but it is a bit of a pain to get where you want to go. Open the RMM console (if you already have it installed) click down, ‘take over’ which isn’t exactly taking over, then choosing the drop down to remote desktop. Now I did find on the ITSM page, where you can at least see ‘last activity’

I use ScreenConnect. The Comodo RMM is missing the ability to have programs like KeePass auto-type passwords into the remote machine. Also, client connections to Comodo One are very unreliable. I constantly have to use ScreenConnect to manually restart the Comodo One services just to get the computer to re-connect to Comodo.

Hello @bradford @SecuraDM ,

Thank you for the feedback! It is much appreciated! We have contacted you by email so we could get a better and more detailed idea on the possible request. Looking forward to your reply there!

We use MSP Anywhere due to it’s speed, logging and occasionally screen recording. Does your solution use VNC?

Hello @nct ,

We are constantly working on improving the speed of our remote tool. Also, we have RMM audit logs on our roadmap and this feature is targeted for Q2 2017 and about the screen recording request, we will forward it to the development team and we will keep you updated on the progress.

And to answer your question, yes, we are using VNC for remote control.

One of the reasons we stopped using VNC was because we found it too slow. We were using TightVNC which should be faster than other versions, too.

VNC for what?
if you are talking about using VNC for some of the desktop functionality yes. However creating a cloud based remote access platform as we have created is much more than just small part that VNC does. We also have expanded desktop aspect as well. We have developed our own codecs and much much more. So a very small part of our system uses VNC…majority of it is home grown and is getting faster and faster with each release.

@melih Ok, we’ll give it a try.

thank you. Please let us know all the shortcomings we might have, any new things you want to add etc. With this way, its only matter of few development life cycles before we get you exactly what you want!

We use Logmein for multiple monitor support.