Error message: Browser's cookie functionality turned off!

Getting this error when try to opening RMM. Safari on OSX, latest version. CRM etc works fine. Any way to solve this?

Thanks a lot



This has been raised recently and no response, do not hold your breath waiting either as many posts on here do not get answers.
A different browser seems to be the work around for now, but not very convenient when it should be working as it used to be.…ice-management


what’s the solution here?

Hi @datatainment,

Do you have the same issue now? The fix was done already.

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Yes, I do have that problem on Safari 14.1 macOS 11.3


Hi @datatainment,

Sorry for the issue caused. We will create a support ticket to your registered forum email address to investigate the issue.

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Issue still persist :frowning:

Hi @Megachip,

Can you please try this option and update us if it is solved for you

Go to Settings > Safari, then below Privacy & Security, turn the following option off:

  • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking: Safari limits third-party cookies and data by default. Turn this option off to allow cross-site tracking.
Kind Regards, PremJK

Never ever! That opens a security hole as big as an elephant!

So, issue is still persistent… but cause it working on other browsers, will this mean safari is more secure?