Error: Unable to sign in. Connection Error

I went to log into RMM Console today and I get the error in the title. I cant find anywhere that states it will be down. I can still log into the web RMM Page but you cannot take control of devices from that page.

Also, Acronis module is also taking to much enumerating and login is timing out to the managing client backups.

Hello @cwh-it

It seems that there is a temporary issue with RMM. We have escalated this case and we will get back as soon as we have a resolution.

Thanks for the update @Scott

Hello @ymi ,

Please send an email to with more details and screenshots, if possible, so we can further investigate.

Service seems to be back online now @Scott


The RMM Console is working, if anyone is having issues with it, please let us know.

Looks like it is offline again @John and @Scott

Confirmed: I’m having the same problem


We are investigating the issue and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome.

Thank you for your patience!

I too, am still having this issue!!! Unreliability is a major issue in our field…

Hello @cwh-it , @jcolley , @BOSS

The issue has been fixed and you should be able to log in now.

I am unable to log in to the Administration Console for RMM. I was working on a client’s computer when it kicked me out and now I can’t get back on.

Nope, I logged in, worked, went back down before I even got done replying to the confirmation email…

This is still falling back on this companies unreliable services, are making us look unreliable… Guys this is getting out of hand.

I am back in, how long can it stay up this time???

I also noticed, that an abundance of my systems seem to be offline now, I am curious if anyone else is seeing this, or if 1/2 of my clients just turned their computers off??

Nice, lost Admin Console again…

I guess I will just wait and try again tomorrow, way too unstable today…

Keep in mind it is free. If you need a reliable system I can recommend Kaseya or LabTech.