Every computer in the device management shows fully patched but ......

No way that every device has all patches installed.
I have checked on 3 devices and they all had patches to install.

I think this function is broken - again.

Hi @smartcloud
Not all available Windows updates will be displayed in the Patch Management (PM). Here are explanations shared by the product development team:

PM can show less patches than Windows Update because the scan of ITSM is older than scan of Windows Update. We are making scans every 24 hours when the device is online. The first scan happens 2 hours after the device becomes online.

PM can show less patches than Windows Update for installed patches because it hides patches which are superceded by other newer patches. If you see a patch which seems installed on Windows Update but not in ITSM Patch Management, you can search it in the Windows Update Catalog and see if it is superceded by another patch.

PM can show less patches than Windows Update for available patches because the “Drivers” category is not supported in PM. It is the MSP’s responsibility to install driver updates as needed. We would like to point out that such updates can potentially cause problems on endpoints.

Its been showing since the Saturday update that all the computers are now fully patched.
But when I go and check them they are not. One was even the 1803 win update.
This happened before…

The explanation you gave is not the reason.

@smartcloud are you running schedule patch management?

@smartcloud Have you manually checked on the affected devices if there are any Windows Update-related errors? If there are, you will have to address those first. PM solely relies on the Windows Update service.

yes, I did check the devices.
I did not have to fix anything.
Ran windows updates and it showed several available updates including 1803.

Sounds like patching has once again shit itself…

We created a support ticket for your concern @smartcloud. Feel free to reply at your convenience.

Hello @smartcloud,

Great to know that Patch status is now working on your side. We have coordinated to our development team about this matter and requests additional information. On the support side, we have checked any related ticket that matches your concern however we did not receive any same case or scenario. Thank you

Hello @smartcloud,

We have sent you an email update regarding on this case. Please reply at your convenience.


Now they are showing normal as in devices with missing patches.
This is now the second time after I report this not working that it just mysteriously starts working again.

@smartcloud ,

Can you please observe the issue periodically within a 24-hour timeframe if there would still be discrepancies. We have alerted our Developers of your recent report.

And its broken again.

Seriously, this needs to be fixed once for all.
The platform is not very reliable.

@smartcloud ,

We are saddened to hear that this issue once more resurfaced on your side. We have urgently sent the output of your observation to our Development Team and request a resolution as soon as possible.

When will this be fixed?
Seriously, this product is broken.
If we cant trust the information it provides then we cant use the product.

Are others still experiencing this issue as I am experiencing it at one site.

Hello @Peawet08,

Our development team is working hard to identify the root cause and apply the needed fix for this matter. We have created a support ticket for you to further check if the issue that you are dealing is same with the one that we are working. Thank you and feel free to respond to the support ticket.

today is shows what I expect. Most of the devices now are showing it has patches to install.
how long before it breaks again?

This is very frustrating.

Hello @smartcloud !

Thanks for getting in touch and your feedback!

We are pleased to hear that the solution we provided worked for you. Please monitor your devices for a couple of days, if you see any problem again please contact us. We are happy to make sure that everything works fine for you.