File Transfer

Am I just missing it somewhere … or is there no direct way to transfer a file to an endpoint in ITSM?

Not yet, but I believe it is on the road map for implementation.

Hello @tfehlberg ,

We have a similar feature request (New Comodo Remote Control File Transfer Capability) currently shows on the road-map for implementation in
On the other hand, there is a file transfer feature already available in our old RMM…nt-System.html

Thank you @nct for giving him the idea.


The old RMM is about to be retired, though.

Hello @nct ,

Yes you are correct that is why our development team is working very hard for features
which are not yet available on our new comodo remote control.


I sure hope not, this tool seems way more stable to me, and is what I use exclusively, if possible. That other tool kinda stinks, in my opinion.


We agree with everyone’s insight about the value of the Old RMM and its features. Rest Assure that our Product Developers are formulating a way to include the most useful features of OLD RMM into the New CRC that would benefit all.

I am sure you are, I have just had such luck with the old RMM tool, rock solid for the most part. I hate changing something that works for my application, but I will check it out when I have to.

The old RMM isn’t going away until all features are moved into the new CRC correct? Because otherwise that would be a horrendously stupid move. (no offense)

Hello @eztech,

Please see:
Customers who have already activated the old RMM will be able to use it for now. In the near future, we will completely decommission it and continue to support your remote management activities with IT & Security Manager (ITSM).

Hope this helps. Thank you.

This feature should be set as an avaliable set of TOOLS by having on the main ITSM dashboard an option to display a set of tools to use like:
TOOLS (Dropdown list):

  • File Transfer.
  • Remote shell command.
  • Registry Editor.
  • Take Screenshot.
  • Etc…

Also the option should be avaliable on the Comodo Remote Control module itself.

Hello @axatech,

Your suggestions for Feature Requests currently shows on the road-map as follows:

  • New CRC File Transfer - 2018 Q2
  • CRC to also have the 'Shell Execute' tool from RMM - currently under review by our product team. We have submitted a request to them for an update. You can expect to hear back in less than 10 business days with a time-frame for planned implementation.
  • Registry cleaner in new RMM, similar to old RMM - 2017 Q4
  • Ability to take screenshots from ITSM - also under review by our product team.
Regarding with having "TOOLS" option in the ITSM dashboard as well as on the Comodo Remote Control app, we will forward this request to our development team. We also sent you an email with regard to your requests.

Sounds good!.

Please could you let me know when boot into Safe Mode is scheduled for and emergency boot (as used in Solarwind’s MSP Anywhere ?

Are you referring to this link? …

Yes, edited.

Hi @nct
The ability to restart a Windows machine in Safe Mode With Networking (SMWN) can be achieved by running a procedure. But if you’re looking for a dedicated button (or action) on the Device List like the ‘Reboot’ action, the date of implementation was moved to a much later date (early next year).


I do not understand why some easy options to deploy are not available on the ITSM but as script, those old age options like: Reboot / Reboot Safe Mode with Networking/ Remote Connection/ File Transfer/Command Shell/ and OTHERS/ are life saver to us when troubleshooting an end user. I understand that staff is working on stability but They need to have a point up for productivity which is our case and If We have unhappy customers then there is no business.

These are all features of the old RMM, that’s why I use this tool exclusively!!! They say they will get all this worked into the new CRC, so until then I will just keep using the old RMM!!

Yes, I understand that stability is being prioritized, as long as they don’t discontinue the old RMM console before the new is fully developed, and stable.