Free EDR for enterprises

World’s very first free EDR!!!

Free for 90 Days?

Hello @dittoit ,

Yes you are definitely right.

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So free trial and not free?

Hello @curatrix_pl ,

Yes its 100% free for 90days, and if you’re happy with the product and want to continue using it, feel free to send an email to
so that they may help you choose the best arrangements for you.

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nope…free free…(pls check again…they have corrected the licenses)…

100% free…(not a trial)!

100% FREE…FREE…FREE…FREE :slight_smile:

Nope…100% FREE…license now says 1 year…but its FREE…you can keep renewing it…For FREE…FREE…FREE…100% FREE :slight_smile:

Worlds First EDR for FREE…as long as you want it!!! FREE :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: vey much

What about the one that is integrated in C1, that’s the one I am interested in. I have set up both, but prefer to keep everything under one pane.

@BOSS cwatch in C1 from what i can tell is a completely different product to the Cwatch EDM, it doesnt appear to have any integrations in to C1. Im a little confused why it was posted here and not in the ‘other products section’.

@melih is there any documentation for EDR at all?

I cant find anything in the EDR page or on I can see the agent download but im not installing it until i have an solid understanding of what the thing is supposed to be doing and how it is going to interact with our other software.


Agreed…me too :slight_smile:

First we launch the product stand alone…bring it to a maturity…then unite them…all is planned and coming…:slight_smile:

The product documentation and help are on the way, next week it will be published.
The agent is pretty safe, it won’t interact with any other application. If you are using some other endpoint protection vendor please let us know. Till now, we do not anything reported.

Regarding cOne integration, multi-tenant support for MSPs are coming in a short time.

Hi. Is this not compatable with the ITSM CCS ?? It’s says it can’t be installed on my laptop ??

Hi @dittoit,

Thank you for letting us know about the issue that you encountered. I will create a support ticket regarding this issue for further investigation and we will update you via email. Thank you


I as the product manager of the EDR take this opportunity to inform you about the new release of our product.

EDR v0.8.0 has just been released. Please do not forget to update your agent to get the most out of it.

What’s new with this release?

-Bug fixes
-Event details visual improvements
-Valkyrie report request
-Agent deployment through GPO

Stay tuned for continuous innovation,

Alphan Erten

Do you have any documentation for the product yet? There is nothing on

Technical writers will have finished writing very soon. I will announce when it is done.

Great! Keen to have a look through it. Would it be possible to get a script written to deploy the MSI via the ITSM or get the ADDT to deploy the package?