GDPR Privacy Policy & personal data assistant agreements


Where can I find your GDPR Privacy Policy and the personal data assistant agreements?

I need that to put in our GDPR Register.


Hello @Noiden ,

We already forwarded the query to the proper team and we`ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Please let me know the outcome too.

Hi @nct
Rest assured that we will post the product development team’s reply here OR inform you through email if it will include any sensitive info.

Interested here as well

I am interested as well. Please keep me in the loop.

Hello @aathira and to all,

Well post the information here or well send you an individual email if it will include any sensitive information.

Thank you for your patience.

Has Comodo got a page for GDPR readiness yet? it would be nice to have something we can link to for our customers, even if its not fully ready.

Hello @stevemazg and to everyone,

We are still working on this, rest assured that we`ll update this thread as soon as we have any information to share.


Just posting as I’d also like to be informed of this. Thanks

Hello, I’m very interested too

@compsoluk , @ledinformatica ,

We’ll make certain to provide you as well an official update from our Product Developers.

@Jimmy Count me in

Hi @frederikbay ,

Yes, we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible. Thank you.

I am interested as well. Please keep me in the loop.

Hi @twinsit, we will make sure that you will be informed with all incoming updates regarding this concern.

Please we need this information

I do not wish to sound rude, but with Comodo having over the amount of employees requiring a Data Officer to be employed, does the said Data Officer not have the relevant paperwork ready for Comodo’s compliance or is it all being left to the 11th Hour which could cause a lot of problems for others ?

It is very worrying to all that there is no answer forthcoming ??

@bob-sawyer , @tecnico This is a long time process and we can ensure you that our Development Team is working hard to produce a viable information for all. Right now we already have Europe and US instance separation on our backends and if your accounts appear under it means the instance is on Europe, utilizing EU Data Centers, and under it means instance is in the US. We will post another update soon

Any updates on this?