Health Reports

Is there a plan to create health reports to email to the customers? (and preferably to be able to schedule sending these reports)


Yes, it is on roadmap but I would be glad to hear what kind of details you would like to see in these reports. Could you please list the info you would like to see in that report?


Reports are an essential tool to justify the value to the customer. From RMM, usually health checks are simple reports like HDD health, overall performance, antivirus health and backup health. Usually, these are represented by green, yellow and red to simplify it to the customer.

Another useful report is about hardware asset inventory (device, OS, CPU, RAM, HDD) that shows average usage over the last 7 or 30 days. This is an excellent tool to understand performance bottlenecks (ex. RAM is 80% utilized even though a computer has 8GB RAM) and therefore creates leads for upgrade (with justification).

Also, ability to export data as CSV to simplify for example getting a list of all Servers with 2003 (these don’t have to be sexy reports like the above two, a simple CSV that can be manipulated in Excel would do).

these are all very useful reports, please keep it coming Rami. lets improve this RMM for the greater good of the MSP community.

Reports are critical. Here are a workstation and server daily report we have now for an example of what will be needed. If you would like more let me know. There are daily reports and a weekly summary for workstations and servers as well as a month end summary for servers.

TBCS Server report - All Daily Safety Checks passed.pdf (123 KB)

TBCS Mail - TBCS (MSS) report - Workstation Monitoring - Problem(s) identified during Daily Safety Check.pdf (177 KB)

Great input. Thank you!

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