ITarian Mobile Remote Control (Android) Release

Dear all,

We are please to release our first public version of the remote client agent allowing you to control devices from your Android device.

You can find the app in the play store or via this link: -…om.itarian.crc

If you have any feedback please let us know!



First test: I installed the app on my android Phone (Android v10).
I could see all my devices. But when I select a device to take over, the app crashes and exits.

Can confirm app loaded fine.

Login ok - no 2fa ?
Opened and full list of devices with green online, grey offine status.

Select Filter for Customer and it closes - app still running however in background and displays welcome logo.
Can reopen via task manager/running apps, it stays signed in and goes back to the status page after the welcome logo.

Filter by owner also crashes/closes as above
Filter by staus is ok, works and can return to main screen.

Try to remote to a device brings up waiting for approval 10-15 secs or so again closes - the device is set for no approval required however.
Tested on another pc, same thing and no message appeared on the pc desktop either, it does have a 60 sec auto approve set.

My mobile is samsung note10+ with Android 12 custom rom inc rooted.
All other mobile remote apps are fine, anydesk, splashtop, teamviewer etc.

Thanks for the release, its the feature many of us need to support our clients, looking forward to next version/bug fix to test.



Wait did the app just bypass the MFA on my account? Couldn’t that be considered a security risk since it can bypass anyone’s MFA?

Pixel 6 pro and Galaxy Tab S8 both crashing on trying to open any remote control.
Also needs to have a pin code and or biometrics to prevent access to it as an option.

Dear All,

Due to issues with 2FA/MFA on the new app it has been temporarily removed from the Google Play store until resolved.

I’m collecting all the raised issues as well and passing back to the team so we can make sure the next public release is right from the outset.


@RT-AMS-ITarian Looking forward to the updated beta release, for what I expect will be an amazing tool.

Can you explain the advantage of a pin or biometrics if we are having 2FA/MFA??

Just trying to make sure I understand the reasoning and at what point it would be requested.

My thoughts on 2fa for mobiles

It’s just another confirmation that the remote app is in fact being used from an approved or known device.
My opinion is it not so much for security as much as some think it is.
It is not really 2FA if on the same device?

Eg If l leave my mobile open and lying around then almost everything is accessible to anyone anyway.
Often the 2fa is on the mobile itself, app or txt etc.

If adding my own office 365 account to my email app or any site needing to login on the phone, it will open the authentication app and approve almost automatically. This is for my own accounts as l have username password and the 2fa.

However if my credentials are compromised, an unknown person could download apps like itarian remote, could in fact sign in but would fail to bypass the 2fa challenges.

Take paypal as an example, requires 2fa, easy on the device if using an txt or 2fa app, but again if someone else tried on another device they would also fail to complete a payment.

The remote app should have 2fa, but it also needs the end user to take precautions as the mobile device is not super secure enough.

Would a pin or biometric to unlock the remote app be a good idea, YES mandatory and no exceptions.
It is something only the user should know or have

Just like banking apps require, at least the ones l use in Australia.

It’s different when using a pc or Web login as the 2fa is on a different device like a mobile or usb key etc, that’s what l consider proper 2FA.




Yes. The most common and recommended setup would be:

  • Username and password with ‘Remember option’
  • 2FA = Enable or disable requirement based on settings in your portal and the option to add this device as trusted.
    Biometric or PIN = Required

My thoughts…

So MFA should really only be needed to for the initial sign in to the app and authorize it. The Pin/Biometrics would be for subsequent logins. Luckily I can do the pin biometrics with some AV"s on the phone but prefer the app to have it natively.
My concern was I was able to login to the app and access all my devices without even an MFA prompt, though it’s required in my portal.

Thank you all, this will be taken back and added into the design

What happened to this? I don’t see it in the Play Store?

Hi @therenegadetech,

Please check this post explained by our Program Manager why the application was removed temporarily and it will be live again

Kind Regards,

Dear All,

I’m pleased to say that the application should now be back in the store with 2FA/MFA functionality.

If you login with no remembering of your details you will need 2FA/MFA each time you login; but if you remember the login you can enable a PIN & Biometrics to protect the application.



It works !!

Successfully signed in with creds, 2fa, set pin, able to remote to my home system as a test.
Able to switch dual screens mouse/pointer movement easy and smooth, clicking ok.
Only spent a min or two, but well done.

The only thing I notice was the 2FA states use the code from your GOOGLE authenticator, I use several including MS/Authy/BitWarden.

Perhaps get the devs to tweak the wording to a more generic 2FA request -
“Please enter the code from your 2FA program/device” or whatever.

But once again, an actual working APP that would be one of the most requested features.

Also mention I’m running a custom android rom and rooted, APP did not warn or need security bypass.
I have had the original app installed on first release, also have auto updates enabled, so did not need to remove/reinstall either.


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Glad to hear all is working and does what it says on the tin.

Our aim is to release more features and function to this quality across the board.

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I am waiting for a beta version.

Why you waiting for beta when released?

This is a really usefully addition to the platform. I can’t wait for more features to be added to this or a further Itarian app.