ITarian Roadmap Plan for 2019 December and 2020 January

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that ITarian Roadmap Plan for 2019 December and 2020 January has been prepared and ready to be shared.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Itarian Roadmap 2019Dec-2020Jan.pdf (247 KB)

Hi @Elif Ayhan Kurt “Ability to have 2 Factor Authentication login on the Remote Control application.” This has been available for some time.

Thank you so much, @Elif Ayhan Kurt !

Always my pleasure! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I used to look forward to these update announcements, but in light of the insidious and trust-breaking decisions by Comodo/Itarian recently, no longer.

@uandit I’m really sorry to hear this. As Itarian team, we’re working hard to satisfy our customers, and provide them with the platform they need. That started to pay off and we see most of them with a high level of confidence and trust to our platform. I hope you’ll also perceive the positive changes such as stability, fast delivery of features, a good support team and many other improvements on the platform.

@Elif Ayhan Kurt, could you release the updated roadmap from February onwards? This one only runs until the end of Jan. Many thanks

any update on the product roadmap?

Also, i would suggest as features get implemented, product roadmaps are updated withi the implemented features. perhaps a simple check mark identifying the feature has been launched would be helpful and informative to people.

Hi @Elif Ayhan Kurt,

Please could you post the updated roadmap? We’re now mid-February and have no roadmap.

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Thanks @Elif Ayhan Kurt