ITSM urgent maintenance!

Hello Everyone,

We have detected an extreme load on one of our ITSM servers. We immediately started the fix procedure and it is planned to be finished in 2 hours. Only a limited number of portals are affected from the load.

We are sorry for the possible inconveniences.

Ahmet Enes

@ahmetenes Any status updates available?

Please, can you use your client database and email clients with these notifications, too.

ITSM is still down for us. Any ideas on how soon it might be back up?

Yep - we need an update as well. It has been over 2 hours. Can you let us know as to the current status? Thanks for your efforts!

Hello @MTekhna , @nct , @vconsulting , @maximillianx ,

Gentlemen, on top of updating you guys here in the forum, we also created a support ticket
for your convenience.
On the other hand, our development team are still working in fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you patience and understanding.


Hi All,

I just realised why I can’t access ITSM now after posting about access issues and coming across this post.

It would be good to have this type info that effects the platform posted on the News column in Comodo One dashboard.

Many Thanks,

Seems to be back online now. Presumably an incident report will be posted here?

My console is not up yet…just a heads up

Ok, we’re good to go now, thanks!


Spoke too soon. Saw the device groups, came back here to post, then went back to the other tab - down again.

My ITSM is still down. The CRC is up now and show endpoints accessible but the C1 portal ITSM is down showing a blank screen and attempts to enroll new devices are failing.

Same problem here! I can login to Comodo One but I cannot access ITSM. A blank screen appears. Comodo team - any ETA on when this would be fixed?

as @nct mentioned in the comment, could you please email your clients of maintenance notifications?

Not working for me! getting very frustrated by this since i joined i’ve had more downtime that actual uptime! this is getting stupid!

Looks like it’s back up… for me at least.

Same here. At least for the time being.

all up for me except RMM console. Getting network error has occured when trying to sign in

Should be resolved now guys.
They have had a network error which has been corrected.

I still can’t login to the RMM administration console


@monster-it and @vconsulting,
We are narrowing down the root cause and it is currently being resolved by our Product Development. We will provide a notification to you as well shortly.