Latest Updates.. July 2019..

So… who’s pushed out the new EM .19070 and/or the latest CCS .7615 ??

Any feedback??

Hi @Ed_Johnson ,

Good day!
We haven’t received any update or reports of having issues from our users yet.
So far, everything else is going smooth.

Thank you.

@Ed_Johnson , I’ve manually updated a few machines and all ok so far.

Hi, at the moment

and no big issues,
just a few:

that go away after a reboot.


You’re brave :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info

I had two domain controllers updated with this and had many problems monday with disconnected network drives, although they would be accessible, they should show disconnected. I’ve had this happen in the past and none of the fixes were working. I removed the AV from the domain controllers this morning, tried fixing again, and it went through. Still not 100% it was the AV but it seems likely.

Hello @boiseitsolutions ,

We’ve created a support ticket about your concern.
Please respond to the email we’ve sent you so we can assist you further.

Thank you.

Thanks I’ll try this.

Based off this thread this seems to be an issue with Comodo:

The only odd part is one of the systems that’s heavily affected is a terminal server that I removed Comodo from around a year ago because the AV will not work on a terminal server. I did have the comm client installed. I removed it to test.

We have not pushed it out yet, been too busy and it has been nice to have stable release for a moment.
I’m concerned about the AV on servers killing connections though.

What do people feel about Endpoint Manager and it’s update?

Where do you set the policy to not update? This is the second time I’ve had to work 16 hour days several days in a row before finding it was caused by this AV. Ransomware is easier to deal with because at least I know their methods and how to counter them.

Removed the comm client and it’s working. Unbelievable. Why would the comm client kill these drives? At least I’ll get to sleep the rest of the week.

See the attached image for steps needed to stop this

Awesome thanks. I’d suggest the same with the comm client since it’s the culprit in my case.

I seriously think Comodo/Itarian need to start listening to their userbase… these updates are simply far too frequent… Why in hell would the EM client need to be updated every month?? and we dont have any other AV program in our stack that needs it’s program updating anywhere near as frequently either.

So we have a long drawn out waiting period every month looking for feedback from those poor guineepigs willing to update just to make sure it’s bug free… then by the time we’ve rolled out the updates to all the endpoints, there’s another damned version released again.

Listen comodo… LESS updates… MORE prerelease testing. PLEASE!

Glad to help!

I’m having this argument with all the program managers at the moment.

I can’t find where the setting in your screen capture is located. Thanks for the help.

@Ed_Johnson well said.