Launching of Service Desk V2 for Major Release of 2022 Q1 [4 of 4]

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that Service Desk V2 is now available. The new Service Desk v2 will only be available for new customers, who create an account after the 14th of April until we finalize a migration study for existing customers.

We will continue to add new features to Service Desk V2. Please feel free to share your features requests with us.


Ticket Ratings

  • Ratings are created to measure customer satisfaction. Created rating labels are shown on the client page.

Figure 13: Rating Creation under Admin Panel -> Tickets-> Ratings

Figure 14: Created ratings on the User page
Canned Response

  • Canned responses are created to reply to tickets with predefined templates.

Figure 15: Canned response creation under the Agent Panel -> Tools-> Canned response

Figure 16: Canned response selection at the Ticket Page
Best Regards,
Product Management Team

great work guys!

With this new Service Desk, we have a whole new Code Base that can easily be managed and updated.
A whole new UI and a very strong team who will continually improve it.

Is there an ETA/timeline on upgrading to v2 for existing customers? I’d love to check it out!

Not as of now.

You can always create a new test account and play with it on a separate account…

You see the old code base didn’t allow us to scale quickly and efficiently. This is a whole new code base and have a sizeable team on this code base…
This is world’s first “FREE HOSTED TICKETING & SERVICE DESK” . The team is very (I mean VERY hungry) for any and every feature request relating to Ticketing system. Please keep providing whatever features you may have from a ticketing system that will make life easy for you.

Understood, a good code base and no technical debt can make a big difference. I will keep all this in mind!


Is there an opt in option to allow existing accounts to move over - for example we do not use the current service desk system, there are tickets generated from alerts but we do not require any “old data” and would be happy to restart fresh.

And it is so refreshing to see a new release on the platform, been waiting for some updates and future planning.


I will ask our guys to see if we can get you using the new version of the ticketing system.
but pls provide us as many feature request as you can once you start using it. We want this to be worlds best and free hosted ticketing system for MSPs! Have a great ticketing system team itching to code for you guys!

We will do this kind of advancement in other modules of Itarian as well btw.

I would also be interested in having mine upgraded to v2. I never used the old one so there is no data in that module that I need if it all has to be wiped.

I also don’t have history in the servicedesk so I would also like to upgrade if possible.

I couldn’t use the old system because I was missing a sort of ‘from’ field when composing a ticket from the client.
When creating a ticket, the ticket was tied to the owner from a company instead of the end-user.

It would be nice to know the end user who created the ticket. It can be just a simple string-field for the user to fill in.

That would be my first request: an extra field from the Communication client when composing a ticket into Servicedesk.
See request from 2020: link


​​​​​​​New Ticketing system has been activated for your accounts.
Please logout and login and you’ll see it in your applications list.

Please send all feedbacks about new ticketing system so that we can make it even better!

Thanks. I logged in to check.

I got some questions:

  1. I submitted a ticket from the Communication Client.
    It didn’t come up in Servicedesk v2.
  2. When I select another language for Servicedesk v2, I got an error 404 message: We are sorry, but the page you are looking for can not be found.

My feature request still stand.
Can the Communication-Client form be changed so that a user can state their contact info (emailaddress and/or name and/or phone nr) in it?


Thank you for the feedback.

  1. At the moment submitting the ticket from the agent is still using Servicedesk v1.
  2. We’ll check and I inform you back.
  3. Feature request - taken into the roadmap. Product management will inform about possible release date for it.


Thanks for replying.
I’ll test Servicedesk 2 again when point 1, 2 and 3 are implemented.


Thank you very much!

@ailan What language do you use in the app?

@Vadym I also have logged in to check/test, cannot get past adding email setup so far !

We use office 365 with 2FA, and disabled pop/imap globally, same as all tenants I look after.
We also use shared mailboxes for most alerts and service requests, therefore no user/password to use.
365 will allow setting up smtp senders, but we have not needed for ITarian as yet.

So for testing then perhaps need a 3rd party smtp service, smtp2go created user, back to SDv2 cannot get past testing email page.

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column ‘fetching_host’ cannot be null (SQL: insert into emails (email_address, email_name, user_name, fetching_host, fetching_port, fetching_protocol, sending_host, sending_port, sending_protocol, sending_encryption, smtp_validate, password, fetching_status, sending_status, auto_response, fetching_encryption, mailbox_protocol, department, priority, help_topic, updated_at, created_at) values (, Service Desk ITarian,, , , imap,, 443, smtp, ssl, on, eyJpdiI6IjVzNWZDMm93YnptdDc2SEZmZlNtQ3c9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiaEVQcDZDUkQ4NmcxWTlvckdKU2xQNytPdW9XTU9hZzdmOFlnODRcL25VbkU9IiwibWFjIjoiYWY4OGI5NjNjOTg5NTkwYTkxODhhODYxMzgxYWFhNTFlZjQxOTFjMjVhOTJlM2EwMDFhNmRiOGRmMzViNjI0MyJ9, 0, 1, 0, , novalidate-cert, , , , 2022-04-18 09:39:09, 2022-04-18 09:39:09))

Do we need incoming imap email settings even if not ticked to enable as yet ?

Also will there be another mobile app, or I just tested signing out/in and the old service desk is still running with current tickets - I don’t currently use SD per say, but do use the email alerts generated.

I did a test ticket from client machine, and as mentioned it still uses the old service desk.
I also still received an email direct to my inbox from Service Desk Notification Email - we need this to work during testing v2


Screenshot 2022-04-18 203643.jpg

Hi @Vadym ,

I use the webconsole.

Default I use Englisch, but in the console there’s an American flag-icon.

And because it’s maybe a bit too prominent in sight, I was just looking if there were any localization options or location options.
I selected ‘Dutch - Vlaams’ (Which is also very odd: to have Vlaams and not standard Dutch. But that’s a minor thing for later to update I think.)
After that I got the 404 error page.

Please activate for me.

It’s activated for you now.

I too am having an issue getting it setup as well it keeps saying (Can not authenticate to IMAP server: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.), however, it is a server I host and run myself have done for over 10 years I know the settings and username and password are 100% correct as I can put the exact same details into any other device or web service and it works.
this is the only one that does not.