LDAP Issue

Hi - I’m a Codomo One newbie…

I have enrolled a couple of hosts from my my target site.

I now want to enable to LDAP functionality (which I had running perfectly in my previous (Solarwinds) N-Able RMM) - I am receiving ‘comodo one can’t contact ldap server (-1)’ error - I have tried to search this error in both this forum & trusty Google to no avail… can anyone shed any light on this?

Also, whilst i am here… how are appliances enrolled in Comodo One? i.e. Firewalls, switches etc… ???



Hello @simonrdavis

Please use the attached guide with instructions and you should be able to sync the ITSM with the LDAP.

In regards to the second question, Comodo One is only the Platform that hosts the modules that you want to use (there are differences between the MSP and Enterprise version).
The main one, that contains the RMM Functionality would be ITSM.
Here is the quick guide for the functionality: Step 3 – Add User, Endpoint Manager, Comodo, ITarian

Here is the detailed Admin Gudie: Endpoint Manager - Introduction - Network Security, Manage Users | COMODO
Should you have any other issues or questions, please do let us know.

GBS-ImportingUsersfromLDAP-180616-1006-26.pdf (3.79 MB)