Major Access Rules/Scope Issue (everyone granting remote access to end users, check your access scope for the user groups now!)

Today we have discovered a major issue with User Role Management namely the Access Scope section.

We needed to set-up remote access for a few companies at the start of COVID.

We have followed the instructions here and in the link here provided by iTarian staff, pointing to an article in KB describing how to set up User Roles and Access Scopes for remote access.

The kicker is, every new company/client that is created after saving the access scope, get’s automatically added to the scope with the permission ON!!!

Meaning all existing remote user groups get access to all new-client PC’s you create!

Itarian/Xcitium or whoever it is, please fix this, and maybe place a warning in the KB.


Dear @Hello-I-T

You will be glad to know that the team is aware of this “issue”, and I say issue as the feature is doing as originally intended.

As you can imagine times have changed as well as requirements, so we are currently working on adding new features to enable you to function and use the system the way you are.

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This issue was raised in March 2020 at the start of the covid lockdowns. They’ve been working on it a long time.

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Hi @elzorillo

It might well have been, but from a management and planning aspect the management, recording and delivery has now changed to give people what they need by the way of a fully managed cycle.

On this “issue”, as discussed the function and feature was not designed to work like this and this is more than likely why it was not picked up quickly or actioned in the past.

I can confirm that dev now fully understand why this is happening due to the way the product is being used, and we are looking to add a new feature / function to enable what you need while leaving the “Apply to All” button alone so it can function as designed.

This has all come around by our product being used in a method it was not designed to be used, and we are now modifying it to provide this as requested by the community.

On the request front, if you do have any requests please checkout our website were requests are logged, voted on and responded to effectively.

@elzorillo My point exactly.
@RT-AMS-ITarian The main point of this post was to be a PSA … as I have not seen any warnings in the KB or the initial post by “Elif - ITarian Staff” from March 2020 or anywhere else remotely official.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that “feature”, fair enough it was not initially designed for end users. But in what universe would I want a technician that I am already limiting access to existing machines, have access to newly added clients by default?

On a side note - I would appreciate if you take it a bit more seriously and stop calling it an “issue”. Even if you believe that it was initially a feature due to a different intended use case at the time, it has clearly become a real issue over the past 2 years as the use case has changed.

Hi @Hello-I-T

I cannot comment on passed designs and decisions of previous ITarian product managers; but I can confirm that I agree with you and that the abilities that you need are wanted and should have been included.

I can confirm that this particular task has development reference of ITA-147 with a preliminary release in version which is our Q1 2023 release.

We are in the process of firming up dates and releases at the moment hence the use of the word “preliminary”.

Just so you are aware, on feature requests; if you cannot get an ITA reference from someone, it is not on the radar and not being looked at; and the only way to get items on the roadmap is by logging them via



Thanks Robin,

Appreciate the info re: ITA references and the feedback subdomain. Don’t mean to be a pain in the ass.

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Hi @Hello-I-T

Not a pain at all.

We want to hear from people and improve our product for all; and in the past communications and structure has not been the best for this; hence all the changes to correct this.


I would also like to see this issue resolved.

Dear All,

We are please to announce that we have successfully deployed the new button as promised so you can now have default add as an option.

More information can be found here
Access Scope Default | ITarian Changelog