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I have an issue with a particular machine with regards to agent installation which is leaving me a little stumped. Hopefully someone would have had this issue previously or perhaps you are a bit bored today and fancy a bit of MSI madness??

I have 2x Server 2019 machines that have the ITSM agent installed and mysteriously, both went offline at the same time on RMM. Investigating, I simply removed the agent on one of them and downloaded and installed the new one - hey presto! it’s back.

On the other machine (the DC) the agent uninstalled fine, no trace of any services, or folders in Prog files or prog data. But the new MSI simply quits after a few seconds.

I ran from elevated CMD, still the same issue, Event viewer shows the usual vague ‘product fail or success error code 1602’.
Running against logging and found that the log file indicates both errors 1602 and 1603 (Line 480) plus some errors relating to SQL ('Where statements) plus a error relating to system restore. (Line 234/235)

The system is fully patched and can install other MSI products which is the head scratcher.
Running the CCS removal tool also shows no products installed to remove.

Event 1602 shows user cancelled installation (which i didn’t) and 1603 relates to products already being installed (which is not the case in my situation).

I have uploaded the log (replace .jpg to .log and will continue to research, I will update the post if/when I find an answer, but would appreciate any ideas or feedback if you are able?

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mymsi.txt (123 KB)

Hi @Summerhouse,

Sorry for the trouble caused. Please check your Inbox for private message and provide requested details to create support ticket to investigate the issue.

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Interestingly, I have just had this issue present itself on a Windows 10 Professional desktop. The device was not listed within device list or available in the remote control client, using RDP to get to the machine, I found the agent was installed, so went ahead and uninstalled and re-installed with the latest version available within my portal (Version 6.39.39660.20120).

This did exactly the same thing, the MSI installer just quits. (Same windows event logged in event viewer).

Remembering that I deployed an older one via Group Policy a while ago, I manually installed the MSI (Version 6.31.30538.19100) and it installed and connected back in the Itarian portal and is now available for remote control.

I have also just completed this with the server and that is also now back online.

Now, through the ITarian portal, I instruct the PC to update the Itarian client, the machine restarts and after a moment, its back online with version 6.39.39660.20120 - success.

The server however, restarted and is no longer online and has duplicated in the Itarian portal. I have logged back in using RDP and the agent is showing as ‘Connecting to Server’ - I also see that the agents version has not updated.

Hi @Summerhouse,

Can you please reply to the support ticket created to your provided admin email address and update the ticket with your new findings.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi PremJK,

I have no idea about a support ticket? - I don’t have any emails etc about a support request? - Whats the link to the support desk? Thanks

P.s - everytime i reply on this forum, I receive the below error and have to press ‘Post Reply’ twice.

Error while saving content: %1$s
Error information: " 0 error "

Hi @Summerhouse,

We will check the issue you are facing while replying in forum.

You would have received an email from to the email address you have provided in private message.

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OK no problem,

I have tried to sign up to the support desk ticket system at this address: but when I click register, I receive the rollowing error:

Uncaught exception: Error

Call to a member function updateInfo() on bool

in /usr/src/app/web/account.php:47

#0 {main}

Hi @Summerhouse,

You can check the status of the link by providing admin email address and ticket number (#71498), you will receive link to access ticket

And you can create support tickets using this

We are able to create account without an issue, we will investigate the error you have received

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To confim as per my support request, the below resolved my issue;

Check registry hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products and delete ‘Italian Communication Client’ or ‘Endpoint Manager Communication Client’ from the list, something similar (most probably ID will be different):

Bosh! - Installed.

I have been having issues with my internet on my PC for a bit now. When I grt home and uninstal Dragon centre and it fixes it

Click on the Windows icon in your taskbar and select Settings.. Click on Apps and wait for your system to load your installed applications. Select the problematic application and click on Modify. Choose the Repair option and follow the on-screen instructions to repair the application. Thank you..