Network Performance Monitor

Can anyone shed any light on the above link, more importantly, how do I access this feature. I could really use this feature today to try and identify a problem a customer is having with their internet connection. Is this a feature that is available for C1 or is it a false page?

Hi @curatrix_pl
The functions are to be accessed in the Monitoring tab of the assigned Profile of the device (or Company/Device Group).

Really??? Most of the stuff on that page doesn’t exist.

Hello @Joners,

Good day, we would like to clarify if you are pertaining to the page on the sample screenshot? Thank you


From, please confirm:

  • where do we find the ‘Network Map Dashboard’ from the bottom of that page?
  • where do we find the ‘SNMP Trap Monitor’ from the bottom of that page?

Sorry been on vacation. Can you please tell me where each of the following in Bold is, ill be copying and pasting directly from that page.

Performance Monitoring

Comodo ONE monitors the performance of all your network connected devices including endpoints, servers,hypervisors, routers, switches and firewalls.

Monitor Email Quality of Service

Test the ability of a mail server to send and receive email against benchmarks.

Store statistics about round trip time, time to send and login time to measure and evaluate QoS over time.

Schedule Actions

Schedule actions to be executed regularly for recurring events or once for a single occurrence.

With Comodo ONE you can restart windows services,execute commands via SSH, perform HTTP queries, send SNMP set messages and more.

File and Directory Monitoring

Comodo ONE monitors your files and directories so you know:

  • If a file already exists
  • the number of files in a directory
  • directory size and capacity
  • and if new files are added on a schedule
Log Monitoring

When a log message is encountered that matches a pre-defined filter, Comodo ONE Log Monitoring automatically sends notifications and other prescribed actions.

Toplist for Real-Time Answers

The toplist function processes and updates data in real-time to provide valuable insights that help you understand how computing resources are used across your network. You will get answers to questions such as:

  • which machines use the most CPU on average this month versus last month?
  • which machines have the least available disc capacity and how fast is free disk space declining?
  • which machines transfer most data over the network during a day, week or month?
Database Monitoring

Comodo ONE includes database monitoring support for Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and a generic ODBC monitor for use with other database management systems.

All of the database monitors can perform an SQL query as well as additional performance monitoring actions specific to each database.
Performance Monitoring Reports

Comodo ONE network performance and monitoring reporting includes charts, data tables, toplists and more.

Reports can be generated and delivered by email on schedule to specific operations.

Reports can automatically publish in local or remote folders via file transfer.

Network Map Dashboard

Comodo One provides network maps that show you a visual representation of network status and bandwidth usage from an easy to use dashboard.

You can select from a variety of useful widgets ranging from real-time information to notepads and see the results without logging into the system.

SNMP Trap Monitor

With Comodo ONE you can set up advanced filtering capabilities and alarm conditions to respond to specific properties of the received SNMP trap.

You can poll specified OIDs, perform a simple calculation, and compare the result with a specified value. automatically publish in local or remote folders via file transfer

Any updates?

Ive not heard anything. Id really like an explanation of where to find these exciting new features.

A few days ago I talked to a senior tech about this and they said that they are working with their website people to either take it down or make it so that it reflects that these are features that are coming. We discussed that SNMP is technically a feature that works with PC’s, MAC’s as long as they are already detected, but the way the website reads it is makes it sound like they are able to detect Switches, Routers, Firewalls, and other SNMP devices out of the box which they are not at this point. The tech I talked to said it is either Q3 or Q4 of this year according to his roadmap but unfortunately he was unable to share that roadmap with me. Sadly this is all I know.

Hi @phil.tukey
Quoting our CEO’s reply to your other similar post:

Rick, it still doesn’t the question of why you are advertising features of the platform that are not currently available to use.

I have had a customer recently ask me about the monitoring our platform provides, and I have had to tell them that we don’t currently deploy it, whilst sticking in a free version of PRTG on their meeting room PC in order to monitor their bandwidth usage.

If they are on-route, give us some dates (and update the site)
If they are being planned, remove from the site and provide us a reason for the information.

@melih Care to make a reply on this thread? Id like to see the false advertising removed. Its not doing C1’s reputation any favours in the Enterprise world.

I think marketing is way ahead of technical atm…
we have 2 options
1)remove the content (or put Coming soon on them)…
2)get the features done and put a time for delivery

Id remove the content, its misleading. You could create a nice road map graphic, showing those features in the current release, then those that are planned and the eta for release.

Marketing are obviously not ‘way ahead’ as the content is still on the page…

i like the roadmap idea…we can present these as roadmap items…

I like this idea as well

Why has the false advertising not been removed??

Where is the roadmap idea discussed way back in September in this thread?

@melih what is your response to this?

Hello @eztech,

We understand how this issue had caused a delay. We have raised and alerted our product team with this request. As soon as updates are available, we will communicate with you here in the forum.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This is damaging your companies reputation, and mine. Clients are now asking me about this. There is a 10 second fix, remove the content that is untruthful.