New Comodo Remote Control

One of my endpoints doesnt have the new Comodo Remote Control ability, and I dont see how to add it. (the rmm says its not available because its already installed.)

Or, maybe check the CCC version of the client, it may still be running 6.6, instead of 6.7.

3 issues with the new remote control program 1 it isn’t using 2FA, the 2 is it isn’t recognizing newly added endpoints so it makes me log out and back in to manage them, finally 3 is the devices aren’t showing up with the custom name from the console but the device name with no way to adjust this.

One problem I noticed with the new remote control is that when I have the device list open in the little windowed app and then I add a new device, the list does not refresh itself unless I exit out of the app and log back in. Please make it so new devices that get added are updated without exiting the software. Also please make a feature which can be enabled or disabled to allow a custom message to be displayed which says “Administrator is about to control your machine” or something like that. And lastly, if there is a way to lock the user’s control and make it so only you have control of the mouse and keyboard but also allow users to have control if you choose to.
These things would make the remote app much better in my opinion.

Hi @jtlogic
We have escalated this as an improvement request for the New CRC and we will keep you updated of its progress through email.

I have noticed in a few remote sessions an apparent bug that when I attempt to remotely control the enduser machine the input isn’t accepted or begins acting erratic on both ends where keyboard commands and typing can’t be entered by myself or the end user.

Hi @MTekhna ,

This case has been escalated to the developers for further investigation and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible through email.

I can’t login to the new Remote Control application. If I click on the COMODO One tab up top and enter my normal COMODO One login info it says “Comodo License Account login or password is wrong. Please try again.” If I go to the ITSM Portal tab it asks for a Domain and I don’t know what to put there. Am I doing something wrong or is my account messed up?

Hi @tonkintech
Do you encounter the same login issue when you try to log in on the C1 site?
If yes, please try to reset your password through the ‘Forgot Password?’ link.

No, that’s what I’m saying. I can login into the site fine and navigate around, etc. without issue. When I attempt to Remote Control a device it opens the new Remote Control application and it will not accept the same username and password there that works for the portal.

Hi @tonkintech
In the current C1 password, do you happen to use a non-alphanumeric character(s) in it?
If yes, you will need to change (or remove) them. Currently, only alphanumeric characters are being recognized for the login in the New Comodo Remote Control (CRC).

I do and I can do that but that seems like a really bad practice from a security company.

This really doesn’t make sense, what characters are not allowed because these are the rules for creating passwords from the Comodo One - Administrator Guide:

Password: Enter the password for loggingin to your C1 account. The password should be of at least eight characters, and must contain a combination of lower case and upper case characters, at least one numeral and at least one special character chosen from ‘("!#$%^&*")’

Hi @tonkintech
We agree with you on that statement but rest assured that the New CRC (which was just released last month) will only get better starting tomorrow (Saturday, 15 July 2017). An update for the C1 platform will be rolled out during the early hours (US Eastern time). More information about tomorrow’s C1 update will be posted (by Ilker) in the Products sub-forum.

PS. The update includes improvements in ‘password handling’ in the New CRC.

So, should I be able to change my password from the C1 panel to something without “special characters” in it? Because when I try to change it to one without special characters I get a message that my password cannot be changed.

Hi @tonkintech,

Upon further testing on our end, we are able to log in to the New CRC with a password that has special character$. Please make sure to get the update for the New CRC (v6.8.7336.17070).

My passwords have special characters and ive been able to login to all version of the C1 remote control… 6.7 etc.

When I started testing the new remote control a couple of days ago, I was able to remote control.
Now it fails every time.
I have multiple endpoints across multiple networks.
When I attempt remote control of an endpoint a black screen opens up saying “Connecting…” after a while it says “Disconnected (channel connection error)” and then loops back to “Connecting…” etc
I have tried rebooting my laptop and the endpoints
I have also disabled the firewalls at both ends, as a test

I am using Remote Control Version 6.8.7336.17070

Any ideas?

Hello @focaltek,

Please see the attached .json files to fix the connection issue. Also please refer to the link below for the guide on how you may run the procedure.

We also created a ticket for you to further assist you with this issue. Thank you and we appreciate for letting us know the issue that you are dealing with the New CRC

20170504-Fix-comodo-remote-control-connection.json (1.51 KB)

When I take over an endpoint with the the new comodo remote control, it connects, but the screen is black or a solid blue color and it doesn’t accept any inputs. Not sure what needs to happen.