New Feature / Improvement Requests for Comodo Patch Management

Hi all,

Lets use this sticky topic to suggest new features or improvements. When you are suggesting it, please provide as much as information as you can to be make it clear for everyone.

Here is a general format to suggest a new feature or improvement:

  1. Which module is it about if you require it on top of any existing module?
  2. What would be the function/feature name if you need to refer it later?
  3. What is the new feature, please describe it as you want it to be implemented.
  4. What is the benefit?
  5. Who is going to benefit?

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The default company should change when you select a different company.

Hi Nick, thanks for the advice. At the moment for me I cannot even change company. I have logged this issue in a different posting. Ideally for me the default company would be the one I would like to always view first.

Hello, Please make sure you have more than one company created.
Also the company is changed from the upper menu - next to system reports; Please check attached screenshot


3 improvements for policies:

  1. When you create a policy a “Would you like to run now” function would be nice
  2. Manually running a policy would be great
  3. Set the default time to be about 10 minutes in the future. I’ve created policies in the past where I need them to run weekly and forget to change the time. It sets the time to be ‘now’ which means it doesn’t run for a week.

Hi easterntech50,

Thank you for your suggestion. Your Feature Request has been forwarded to our development team, and we will keep you updated on this matter by email.

Improvements for patch module

Please suggest to add the follwoing features

  • Renaming of tags (why we can create put not rename?!)
  • Adding tags based on system characteristics then it would be possible to assigns tags more dynamic (eg. All systems with OS Server 2012, All systems with installed Software X, All virtual systems, etc)
  • Add sites to the patch module (let's assume a customer have multiple sites in diffrent time zones and we would like to patch all system on a specific local time, or we wan't only patch all system on one site, also it would make the system more consistent cause we have already sites in the rmm module)
  • Cancel Operation button (at the moment we can't cancel operation - what if i accedentilly start a operation wich reboots a lot of systems....we can only watch and cry)
  • More verbose information about the operations in the operatons view
  • Move Agents between customers/sites

Hello @trg ,

We have forwarded you feature requests to our development team and we will let you know once these features become available.

I have also sent you an email to keep better track of your requests

Feature request: add access to Task Scheduler into the console drop down menu so we can view and edit and create tasks without using Remote Desktop.

I would like the ability to edit the name of an agent on a workstation after it’s been installed on a computer. Instead of seeing “Trinity-IT” for all the computers I would like to label it “Alice’s laptop”, Janet’s Desktop. Or something along those lines.

Hi @Huskylogic,

This is already available for you on CDM. We will also take this into consideration for RMM.

Best regards,

Hi @HuskyLogic

We have sent your feature request to the development team.


We would like to have a patch server option.

  1. On patch management
  2. Update Server
  3. I would like the ability to chose a device and folder where patch would be downloaded into for each site in a company. All needed patchs would be downloaded to this device and when multiple devices need the same patch, they would be downloaded from the “update Server”
  4. Reduce network usage, increased patch deploy speed
  5. All sites with more than 1 device.

Hello @MiguelSalles ,

We have forwarded these feature request to our development team and we will keep you updated on the progress.
Thank you for your suggestions.


I would like to create “Master Policies” for patch management that can be available to choose from when assigning to specific clients sites/tags

Hello @Marveltec

This has been forwarded as a feature request.
Thank you,

I would like to see a check box when creating a policy for restarts.

“Only restart if needed.”

That way I can schedule a reboot, but if it’s not needed then it does nothing.

Hello @Larry_Core
We have been forwarded your feature request. Thank you.

Also I’m not sure if this has been requested yet.

Overview of patch status for all devices, not just company specific.
Ability to send alerts to email on failure of patch install/reboot.

Hello @Larry_Core ,

We have forwarded your feature requests. Thank you for your feedback!