New Feature / Improvement Requests for ITarian Portal

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Lets use this sticky topic to suggest new features or improvements. When you are suggesting it, please provide as much as information as you can to be make it clear for everyone.

Here is a general format to suggest a new feature or improvement:

  1. Which module is it about if you require it on top of any existing module?
  2. What would be the function/feature name if you need to refer it later?
  3. What is the new feature, please describe it as you want it to be implemented.
  4. What is the benefit?
  5. Who is going to benefit?

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I’d say the backup module is a must. I like Comodo Backup but needs a few tweaks. Have you checked Cobian Backup. Used it many times in the field and works PRO. I hear they selling the source code too :slight_smile:

Please check the Technology board, there is a separate discussion on there just for back-up :slight_smile:

Event Log monitoring really needs some improvement. Just monitoring by Event Source, ID, and Level is not enough to properly monitor events in the various Windows logs. For example, some applications use the same data set in all three of these when recording events. Not all of them need to be monitored, but the ones with a certain text in the description are important. To be able to create a monitor set that has the ability to read the description field - as well as the ability to be able to be notified when an event HASN’T occurred in X days (like a successful backup entry) is super important to our needs for an RMM tool. Until this is available, we cannot consider this product.

I see. Could we summarize the improvement as below?

As an admin, I would like to be able to define monitoring policies to trigger alerts

  1. if the monitored event ID has certain keyword inside the description
  2. if the monitored event ID or certain keyword doesn’t occur / seen on specified period of time

I for one would like to move every aspect of control/setup/monitoring to the portal. In addition there needs to be either IOS/Android Apps or a much more mobile frinedly version of the portal.

Thank you!

Thanks! It is already part of the development process. We are moving more features web portal with each release.

Could you please explain a little bit more about what would you like to see on mobile apps?

In addition there needs to be either IOS/Android Apps or a much more mobile frinedly version of the portal.

Well I would like all the functionality that will be in the portal once all is moved there. The problem now is trying to use the portal on a smart phone. There is no separate mobile version as far as I can see. So it is very difficult to use. I am not an app designer or anything, so I can not really suggest UI stuff. I would just like to see an easy to use mobile app or an easy to use mobile oriented portal that uses our mobile browsers.

Thanks again for your repeated adjustments based on our needs and wants. This is a very cool endeavor you all are taking on.



Thank you for your interest in the software. I will forward your feedback and arguments to the Development Team.

I would like to be able to download the linux agent from the Comodo One portal, RMM module.

Thank you!


Unfortunately, currently the RMM agent for Linux-based devices is not available.

For the moment, only the Patch Management agent can be installed on Linux OS.

Any chance of a service status page? Just a simple RAG status like the attached picture. Even if your support guys have to update manually in the first instance it would be very useful.

Hello compnet.dilwellm
Your suggestion was forwarded to our development team.

There is a portal security item that could be a factor for some clients that many MSP’s and End clients seem to overlook. I have clients that require 2-factor authentication for any type of remote access to their network such as via VPN. Some use Google authenticator which is free and seems to work fine however the only drawback is needing to use a Google account. I bring all of this up since having RMM agents installed on everything and remote access features is a backdoor into business networks and data. IE: Hacker just needs to get into my Comodo One account and can really start stealing files or whatever fairly easily. Can we have an option so that users who have access to Comodo One as Technicians are required to logon in with a 2-factor authentication scheme of some kind? This could be a simple Comodo app that runs on Android\iPhone OR just use Google Authenticator to issue One-Time-Passwords. The OTP is generally then appended to the users password that is for the Comodo One portal. IE: User Bob=SecretPassWord. with OTP his password is SecretPassWord123456 (append OTP token). Anyone else think this might be a good idea. Most RMM’s actual fail in this area of security in my opinion.

Hello @Kent ,

We have forwarded you feature request to our development team and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.
I have also sent you an email to keep better track of your requests.

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. On Comodo One, another module

  2. Password Vault

  3. A place to store services/passwords that are managed by the MSP. For instance, we need to store the following user/password for a company: Web Site hosting service, E-Mail hosting Service, AD credentials for technicians to use, networks devices credentials such as routers, Access Points and switches and so on.
    It could be a simple data grid, with 4 columns, service ID, user name, password, description, for web site hosting we would fill: Web Hosting, username, password, godaddy hosting, panel can be reached on this url:xxx

  4. What is the benefit? All credentials technicians need in one place

  5. Who is going to benefit? MSP team has a fast way to find credentials needed for each service

Hello @MiguelSalles

We have sent your feature request to be reviewed by the development team.

I see someone else asked for 2-factor authentication to access the portal since my initial request last year. Any updates? Is there an way in which Feature request could be itemized and community can vote up or down to prioritize them? Also a more formal Roadmap of the product which details what is being worked on for new releases etc would be nice.

Hello @Kent ,

We have added you to this Feature Request and emailed you. Will provide updates on the ticket. Looking forward to your reply on there. Thank you for your feedback!

Hello @Kent ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested (RMM Policy and\or Procedures, add Alert Action options) is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on (30/Sep/16).
Thank you for your feedback and interest in Comodo RMM!