New Feature / Improvement Requests for ITarian RMM

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Lets use this sticky topic to suggest new features or improvements. When you are suggesting it, please provide as much as information as you can to be make it clear for everyone.

Here is a general format to suggest a new feature or improvement:

  1. Which module is it about if you require it on top of any existing module?
  2. What would be the function/feature name if you need to refer it later?
  3. What is the new feature, please describe it as you want it to be implemented.
  4. What is the benefit?
  5. Who is going to benefit?

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Within RMM itself:

  1. Place to see results of Procedures that have run or are being executed, only place I could find any reporting on this was within the Agent itself on each client.
  2. Need some better way of alerting those “on duty” of support requests that come in directly from the client via the RMM Agent. You don’t even know someone is requesting help unless you monitor the sessions section constantly, imho this is a critical change that needs to happen like yesterday.
  3. The "run procedure lets you add multiple ones but not remove if you change your mind about one of them thus you have to exit out and start that process over again
  4. ANOTHER CRITICAL ONE - You have to eliminate the need to “Take Over” then click “Display” to get the RMM console up for that device, it should be obvious that this is what you intended to do. The same goes with help requests with having to click “Approach” then Display to get the console open. Personally I would call this a bug but probably moreover a design flaw.
  5. Improve the policy setup regarding FreeDiskSpace/DriveSpace to clarify disk versus drive and less than % to be used as a set value based on varying storage sizes is kinda worthless. Two, be able to designate this based on OS boot drive versus other “storage” drives as I don’t always need alerts on drives that don’t impact performance of the overall machine especially external backup devices that use say up to 95%+ of available drive space.
  6. Tech Alias name needs to allow for spaces and such, this should be a friendly name not “some random email address” is here to help you. Right now I have to use an underscore for Alias so the client actually knows what tech is helping them (they know us by name not an email, like trying to use IP addresses instead of URLs with clients).

Within the RMM Agent:

  1. The ability to request help from the the Agent has to look at the operational hours and display and/or redirect in some manner when no agent is “on-duty”. I would go a step further and say if no tech is online “logged into RMM Administration Console” (web portal in the future as well) then it needs to do the same. A client could sit there for 30 minutes and not even know that no one is around to help them. I would also consider a queue system too so that the client knows where they are in the line and so forth. Right now all that exists is the function to request help. The rest of the processes are completely missing here. IMHO this needs some serious attention.
  2. Need to be able to not only customize settings such as notifications in task tray, to run as service at start up, to disabling unattended access/exiting the agent without credentials, to adding a self monitoring tool into the mix so the techs know when a machine cannot start the agent (fails to start) or is offline for a certain period of time.
  3. Replace “help” right-click option (on agent icon in task tray) altogether with “get help” at the top of the list for quick access to IT tech request screen. Clients are going to care about Comodo One help info, they care about the IT guys help.
  4. Need to be able to build customized MSI installers for silent/scripted/login script deployments. My opinion this is the number one issue with the Agent. We need to be able to push the install to many machines at once with all the relavent settings already in place as the IT guys deem best.

Just my first quick list of things. Thanks.

Hi Azon,

  • Agreed, this is taken as improvement point.
  • We can trigger an alert for new support requests from RMM, that would also open a ticket. Also, we can make this optional as per admins preference and support structure. what do you think?
  • Could be improved.
  • Good point, we are going to improve the flow.
  • Point taken.
  • Would you mind guiding me which screen you mention on this item?

RMM Agent

  • Good improvement points.
  • Customization items might explanied a little bit detailed
  • "Request Help" could be put there.
  • Agreed, this is under development.

As to #2 I would say whatever design you feel best fits as long as there is some ongoing alert ticker or icon that shows pending help requests in the queue. Really just need a way to tell people are waiting for remote help and YES, I would love to see a ticket created for the remote support request along with the ability to jump to the ticket during/end of session so that notes and status changes can be made as well. Helps to be able to document as you go along rather then having to find the ticket in a list. Also, consider auto assignment and status to “currently being worked on by” or something that lets other techs know that are just looking at the open tickets that action is not needed at this time on the ticket that was created from the request that a tech took and even better if there is not a response within X time that the client is forwarded to ticket creation (auto populate the info from the agent if possible).

Another add-on to the Agent is auto login with creds supplied in the autoinstaller msi would be fantastic. Most of my clients won’t want to create an account for each user and disperse that so another way to handle this rather than user accounts (client level accounts is fine with me) would be ideal. Most of the time we base the request on the asset and ask the person’s name when requesting help but the help is tied to client and then the asset.

Best way would be just to make it send straight to a ticket that way you will be alerted to your email if you are not online with RMM and you can see the queue by the ticket numbers.

One of the features of my packages is bare metal backups. Would be nice to do that remotely before I get onsite. Maybe can be a feature in the Rescue bootup.

Back up is on the roadmap as well, intended for September Release.

Remote Support Software like NetViewer (now owned by Citrix) has an option to show one of the applications running on your PC to the User. This is very helpful if an application is not yet installed but you want to show the client how to operate a specific window without being able to start it remotely. Can something like that be added?

I am not sure if I understand the use case properly, could you please explain a little bit more?

Shared clipboard for text when using Remote Desktop. When using GotoAssist I find it useful to copy and paste text between my workstation and the remote desktop session.

Good suggestion, here is the link for voting:

A feature I would like to see is the ability to set password security for uninstalling agents for RMM and Patch on the client side. i.e. can’t uninstall unless password is entered. Also the ability to uninstall the clients agent remotely from RMM administration console and online from Patch management Portal. I notice there is a Mac Patch Agent is there an RMM agent for Mac in the works?

Also what I believe will be a great addition would be a reporting function per client and or per site to display an asset register of all end points hardware and software for auditing purposes

Sounds good!

Here is the links for voting:

Reporting requirement seems similar with health reports:

Please check and let us know if you see anything else.

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Hi yes reporting requirements are similar as long as the health reports include stuff like OS and MS office version including a list of 3rd party software and hardware specs and would be great to be able to export directly to Excel.

thank you for adding the voting for requests :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

We are always here to work with you!


I think a moble app would be useful, there are times where I have to login from my phone, to do remote work, in an emergency.

indeed…its in our roadmap. Its in planning stage, once we start writing the code, we will give you a timescale as to when it will be ready…but we won’t keep you waiting long :wink:

Great, thanks for quick response, I also think the ability to chat and send messages to end users would come in handy.

we had this feature…but removed it because it was not wanted :slight_smile:
more than happy to put it in if everyone wants it.

I remembered using it, but did not realize it was removed for being unwanted, I had a situation today where I could of used it while providing remote support, but had to use note pad. Would also be nice to be able to be able to review chat logs, and apply them to notes in service desk or to a ticket, or even to the knowledge base or something??