New Releases on Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform (08/14/2016)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE Portal, IT and Security Manager, Service Desk, RMM Plug-in, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Unknown File Hunter and Patch Manager on Sunday (08/14/2016) morning. While there might be brief connectivity issues, there is no major service outage expected.

In addition to user interface and experience improvements, you can see the list of new features, improvements and bug fixes below.

IT and Security Manager:

New Features


  • Admins can add “Monitoring” functionality to Windows profiles so that they can gather information regarding the applications and hardware operating in the devices’ which allows them to resolve any issues.
  • Admins can define a number of threshold breaches under monitoring to create an alert, so that they can resolve issues even before the clients experience these issues in their environment.
    • Performance (CPU, RAM, Network): The monitor periodically checks if the selected parameter exceeded a bottom threshold for more than a specified time period and triggers an alert.
    • File Size: The monitor checks the disk space used by a file on target computers and can notify when a specific file meets the selected condition.
    • Folder Size: The monitor checks the disk space used by a directory/folder on target computers and can notify when a specific directory/folder meets the selected condition.
    • Disc: The monitor periodically checks if the selected parameter exceeded a bottom threshold and triggers an alert.
    • Service: The monitor periodically checks if a set of specified services is running.
    • Process: The monitor checks if a set of specified processes is running.
    • Event: Monitors Windows Event logs on remote computers. This monitor triggers when a Windows event with specified Event Sources, Event ID's or Event Level occurs.
    • TCP: The monitor periodically attempts to connect to the specified domain/IP : port. The monitor can be configured to pass or fail based on a connection status. An alert is triggered when the specified port is open or closed based on the selected option.
    • Ping: The monitor pings a device using it`s hostname, fully qualified domain or IP address and triggers an alert if a response is received or not depending on the selected condition.
    • Web: The monitor periodically checks the content of a web page identified by URL and triggers an alert if the content is or contains the specified text.
  • Admins can define and configure stand-alone alert definitions under “Alerts” menu and associate a defined alert with a “Monitoring” functionality. In this way, admins can receive the most appropriate and timely warnings before problematic situations occur. Here are the configuration options for alerts:
  • Possibility to configure an alert to create only one open alarm ticket per monitor/agent or multiple alarm tickets per check period.
  • Ability to define Alert Type, including;
- Service desk ticket: Alerts and notifications are created on service desk, - Notification: Shown as notification on portal - Email: Sent to administrators via email when a check fails for a consecutive number of times.
  • Ability to append new ticket to an original ticket if there is an open ticket for performance monitors
  • Ability to auto-close the ticket if the metrics go below the threshold
  • Ability to choose the department to open the tickets
  • Ability to open the tickets with predefined priority
  • Ability to configure endpoint and user details on ticket such as;
- Device Data (Brand, Model, Type, Logged on User, Domain/Workgroup, MAC Address, Serial Number, Service Pack) - Performance Metrics (CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk usage, Network usage, Up Time, if Reboot pending) - Connectivity Metrics (Local IP, External IP, Gateway IP, Ping to Gateway, Ping to Google, Last Communication Time, DNS Server)
  • Service Desk ticket is automatically closed when the monitoring conditions return to normal value.


Procedures are standalone instruction scripts that also can be a part of a profile to run by schedule. Admins can create procedures and proceed with them to quickly pinpoint an issue and resolve it. What you can do with procedures functionality are listed below:

  • Ability to create new procedures that are to be executed on endpoints.
  • Ability to compose Procedure's Instructions by using Python Language.
  • Ability to associate a defined alert with a specific procedure.
  • Ability to combine existing procedures to build broader procedures.
  • Ability to show procedure results in Execution Log as well as inside particular device
  • Ability to import procedures from JSON.
  • Ability to export and clone procedures.
  • Ability to run procedures on demand by selecting the action "Run Over Device" for a particular device, multiple devices or all devices.
  • Ability to delete procedures.
  • Ability to add predefined procedures to Windows device profiles and create running schedule for them.

Mac OSX Management

  • Improvements on Mac OS X profiles are made so that admins have more control over Mac OS X devices.
    • Restrictions: Admins can enable/disable use of some device features and access to iCloud services.
    • Wi-Fi: Admins can configure wireless network settings that a device should connect to.
    • VPN: Admins can configure VPN connection settings from this section.


  • Naming improvements on Protections > Device List and Dashboard > Compliance pages.
  • Messages improvements for users that don't have permission to enter ITSM Portal.
  • Addition of a notification warning in profile deleting action if Profile is applied to any endpoints.
  • Antivirus database version information is added to “Device List” under “Protection” menu so that admins can see the update status of Antivirus Database.
  • Improvements are made while displaying malware status of the Windows device after finishing antivirus scanning so that admins see the malware status right after finishing of antivirus scanning.

Bug Fixes:

  • In “Antivirus Device List” screen, Malware status and Scan status are differentiated by adding one more column as scan type and provide the scan type there.
  • ITSM Devices List was expanding when accessed from iOS 9.3.2 with Chrome 51.0.2704.64. Problem is fixed.
  • There was no option for admin to change the Active Directory Connection type after wizard is completed. Problem is fixed.
  • Ability to disable LDAP entry in ITSM > Settings > Active Directory is added.
  • Devices last activity time was not updated properly in Device List. Problem is fixed.
  • For some random Windows devices, ITSM Agents were showing offline in the console when if they were online. Problem is fixed.
  • For some customers, number of used Licenses is displayed wrong (0) even though they has a couple of endpoints enrolled. License calculation is fixed.
  • If the "&" symbol was used inside File Groups Variables in ITSM, "&" symbol were showing instead. Problem is fixed.

Service Desk

New Features:
Calendar , one of the most expected feature, is now available. From now on ;

  • You can create appointments for yourself and your staff with one click to keep your work well-organized
  • All appointments can be tracked from shared calendar ,my calendar or both of them at the same time on one page which let you see all picture
  • Tickets worked on related time can be added to appointment so that you can understand which staff works on which ticket for a selected appointment
  • At the stage of addition ticket to appointment, ticket search function is enabled to make addition process simple for you.
  • Editing appointment option is also available in case of any changes in your timeline
  • All appointments and spent hours can be tracked from exportable "Resource Utilization" report selected period of time under report tab so that you can show your effort to your customer in a definite way


  • At quote creation process, warnings are improved so that you can understand what should be done in what order easily
  • Problem in process of export reports as PDF and CSV after changes on ticket is fixed so that you can get your report in any case.

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-lack control and warning message is improve so that you can continue your work properly without interruptions
  • Presence problem of search function for staff directory under admin panel is fixed to find searched staff quickly among others
  • Success message for updating organization details under staff panel is added so that you can understand your action is completed or not.
  • Enable quote function problem is fixed so that you can create quote for any company which chosen to enable quote creation
  • Time filter problem of activity graph is fixed so that you can check your data in healthier way.
  • Problem in number of due today tickets is fixed to be tracked how it supposed to be.

Comodo ONE Portal:


  • Welcome email template is improved for Comodo One MSP so that you can have more clarified explanation with better design and intuitive help guide

Bug Fixes:

  • At staff creation process, new staff pop-up design problem is fixed so that you can have clear direction in process.

RMM Plug-in


  • Performance for Preview Remote Desktop for Peer to Peer connections is improved
  • Performance optimizations for device takeover operation so that you can complete your process in short time

Bug Fixes:

  • Slowness performance of remote desktop action is improved
  • Unavailable status of RMM agent in the RMM Console for some situations are fixed so that you can continue your action without interruptions
  • Problems on takeover action in RMM console for some situations are fixed so that you can take action properly

Continues on next post…

Customer Relationship Manager

Bug Fixes:

  • Lead import function problem is fixed so that you can import your lead list without waste of time.
  • Indentation problems in PDF reports are fixed so that you can deliver your report to your customer with better design.
  • Contact import function is fixed to give you ability use feature properly.
  • Adding price amount in service module is fixed so that you can define prices easily.
  • Design problem of "Total amount by sales stage widget" is fixed so that you can have clear understanding about shown data
  • Picklist editor function problem is fixed
  • At the process of changing owner of the calendar item, page refresh problem is fixed to work properly
Unknown File Hunter


  • Performance improvements for Valkyrie integration
  • Better explanation about Valkyrie integration
  • New screen to show "Agent Requirements" for successful operation
Bug Fixes:
  • Stability issue on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter is fixed
  • User interface issues addressed
  • Incorrect notification on 'Scanning results' screen in the case network connection was disabled at an endpoint during a scan is fixed
Patch Management

Bug Fixes:

  • After enrolling a new device, display problem of unapproved and hidden patches is fixed so that you do not be confused.
Best regards, Ilker

This is an excellent release guys! Its becoming a very serious contender in the RMM space and its FREE…AMAZING!

Thanks for the fast and great updates!

Great work looking forward to testing these features out!

Onwards and upwards. I will test and report back. Any news on Wake-On-LAN?

Thank you everyone for the kind feedback!
@mhberglund We will get in touch with you via email and keep you posted for any upcoming releases! Thank you!

Now to learn some Python to get some of these new procedures set up, this should be good

Hi @dougaust

Let’s help each other on that. We can use Script Library forum section ( to exchange ideas and scripts. We will put some examples there. Please let us know if you already wrote some scripts or if you are in need of any script to be prepared.


Just noticed something when using the new profiles feature (its got great options by the way) it appears that I have to go into each computer to apply a new profile, it would be really useful to be able to select multiple computers and apply the same profile on them

Hello @dougaust

The options are created in the profiles, and you can apply a profile to multiple computers: Please go to Device List -> Select the devices that you want and then use “Manage Profiles” and apply the profile that you want to use. This should make it easier to apply the profiles.

If tick more than one computer that button is no longer enabled

Hello @dougaust

Thank you for your feedback. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as we can.

That would be great, I don’t have a heap of computers in my list so I was able to do it fairly quick but if I had hundreds it would be slow going


Really enjoying the new features created a few profiles with monitoring and already testing. i see hard drive fault monitoring is missing also CPU Temp would be great along with checking for system memory change. but great job its a good start.

I like that you can add profiles to device groups a feature I’m really waiting for is reporting at Company/device group level with more reporting options/features like system audit showing installed software etc…etc…

Hello @Marveltec

We are glad that you are enjoying the newly released features! I will forward your feedback to the team and we will keep you updated on the feature requests that you mentioned as well.

Hello @Marveltec

We are glad that you are enjoying the new features. I will forward the feedback that you sent us along with the feature Requests. Thank you again.

Hi @Ethan

Thank you for the quick response. Not sure if this is a known problem/scheduled downtime but our ITSM dashboard has just stopped working with this error CDbException
CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

Hello @Marveltec

Yes, it does seem that we are currently experiencing an issue with ITSM. I have reported it and the team is working on restoring the service.
We will keep you informed.

Hello @Marveltec

ITSM should be back up. Can you please check and confirm?
Thank you.