Rebranding feature in CCC and CCS (April 2018)

I am running into an issue where apparently there is a 25 character limit for the Support Web site URL (really only 18 after “https://”). This is a huge problem since the base domain for the Comodo Service Desk URL (which I was going to use) is 31 characters without my company prefix.

Can this get fixed ASAP?

To everyone:
Please feel free to post in this thread your observations, opinions, and suggestions for the rebranding feature in CCC and CCS (as introduced in the April 2018 update).

From @netzbahn
Sorry, the branding options are very good, but don’t go far enough. We still cannot have the icon enabled as we don’t want to show the support email as we force clients to use our portal for submitting tickets. Leaving the option blank puts in it’s place. WHY??? The options for “branding” is to allow us to choose what works for us, not just modify text. Why should we be forced to put items in fields that we don’t use?

Client Name field is really limited to 16 characters or less because it wraps over the word About in the title bar. Depending on how long your company name is limits the amount of space for the Client Name. I feel the word “About” is unnecessary, but for ease of use, the dialog box is not adjustable, so just move it as close to the X as possible to give people space for their Company and Client Name fields.

Thank you for your keen observations. As of this posting, we will not be able to effect any changes to the C1 platform. It will be at the discretion of the product development team with any hotfix release to address the current limitations. The best we could offer right now are workarounds.

For the email field, we suggest to be creative for the mean time with this part (ex., [email]

Same principle applies with the other customizable fields.

This is a terrible answer. These limitations are some of the worse I have ever seen. This makes us look incredibly unprofessional. At this point, the “white label” feature would have been better of not being made public until these limitations were overcome.

I really have to ask, did Comodo test these features before release? Did you guys honesty think that formatting and character limitations wouldn’t be an issue?

@hdcmaine ,

We understand that this feature functionality caters to your urgent need as an MSP and wishes these released features to be improved. We have informed our Product Developers who are already in the works of analyzing these improvements and we will assure you that you will be notified as soon as possible.

I agree, there should be a way to disable certain fields if there’s no information to input. For example, we don’t have a support email address for our clients, rather, they are to use our Help Desk portal.


  • Allow Hide/Show of any fields we don’t wish to input information for
  • Allow for alternate text for HTTP or MailTo links - i.e. “Send us an email” equals “” - and “Visit us online” equals “

@maximillianx ,

These are suggestions are indeed wonderful. We will forward these insights to our Development Team to have these improvements added. A support email notification will be provided to assure you that you are notified of any updates on these suggestions.

Of course all the people complaining that is doesn’t do what you like you could just not use this feature until Comodo make the nessasary changes. It’s not an on off switch. Why not just add icons and logos but leave all the other stuff.

As before this update you couldn’t do anything!!

Small steps :wink: it can’t be right first time and it will get corrected I have no doubt!!!

So i edited the logo, text etc to the client communication portal rebranding fine. Question is, how long does it take for the changes to show on client machines? I tested one by deleting the client and reenrolling it, and it has the old settings.
Please advise how long till the changes reflect/

I made the changes and saved the policy. The endpoints received them almost immediately.

Hi see attached, weird rendering on the top…

tested on 2 different profiles in 2 different companies.

itsm error.PNG

@dittoit ,

We have created a report to our Development Team to include what the results of your tests. We’ll coordinate with you shortly for an update

The support URL is shown as a link, but does not launch the default browser. Only option is right-click for copy link location.

Hi @netzbahn

The support URL is shown as a link, but does not launch the default browser. Only option is right-click for copy link location.

Indeed this is something we have also observed since the update. We will loop you in to the ticket so we can update you as soon as we get word from the product development team.

Language support translation should be also a feature to add on all Comodo MSP product (Client side: ITSM agent, AV, Comodo Dome DNS, etc).

Hi @axatech
The ability to use a non-English UI for the whole C1 platform (inc. client-side components) is definitely included in the product roadmap. It is currently set for a Q1 2019 release.

Last communication time also needs to pull regional information from C1. Right now 3/4/2018 looks like March 4th, 2018 to USA people. If it needs to be hard coded, a workaround is YYYY-MM-DD, since workarounds are what we’re told we’re getting

Hello @netzbahn,

Good day, we do have a feature request to customize the date and time format in C1 to the user’s preference. We will include you in the email update for this request for you to get updated with the feature. Thank you

For MSPs needing to ‘rebrand’ the products, they are likely going to require the customisation for all clients using the same details. Surely the following would make more sense:

  1. Add the branding sub-menus of UI Settings to C1 > Portal Set-up and if enabled applies to all customer profiles for the C1 account.
  2. The current branding within custom profiles, when enabled overrides the default branding by the MSP in Portal Set-up, if different branding is required for certain clients or the Comodo defaults are need. Since we use different profiles for all clients, the current set up just creates yet another place to change settings per client and profile. We also use multiple profiles per client: Servers, laptops, office PCs, home PCs, Macs etc.


@nct ,

Thanks for your input. We’ll gladly share this with Development for analysis. As of the moment, what we can suggest is creating a profile that only has rebranding setting applied to it and applying it to multiple companies for the desired effect.