Regular outage of your web server.

My team is experiencing outages when attempting to access service desk and other modules. This had happened on several occasions in the past week. See attached.

@campbell We’ll check and investigate the issue. We’ll keep you posted. May I know the browser that you’re using? Have you tried another internet browsers to access the Service Desk module?

I have been having the same issue, google chrome here.

@BOSS We’ll take note of your report also. We’ll create a ticket for you on this concern.

@campbell We’ll already updated the ticket. Please wait for our reply as soon as we have a resolution. Thank you for your patience.

I also get regular hangs of +5 mins of this screen

Hi All, Thank you for the report guys. We’ll update you thru email. Thank you for your patience.

Hi All, Please check if the Service Desk module is working on your side.

Please provide feedback.

@campbell Thank you for the confirmation that the Service Desk module is working thru email.

@BOSS Please confirm if you can access the Service Desk module on your side. Thank you.

I am back in it, thanks guys!!

@BOSS We’re glad to hear that it is working now.

The is broke. Looks like early 1990’s version.
Anyone seen the backup? Is it CryptoWannaCry locked too? :slight_smile:
No option to post a screenshot,

  • Rickkee

Hi @Rickkee, as what my colleague Jimmy said in the other forum topic. We were having some issues awhile ago with our forum pages. We will contact you via email so that we get a closer look of of the logs. You can attach them when you reply so that our developers can analyze the problem and provide an accurate solution to it.

I seem to be having an issue with with the ITSM pages opening, things not opening, just blank pages. Been happening for a couple days, and multiple locations. Is anyone else having any issues??

Good day @BOSS
As of this posting, the developers are rolling out some updates for the ITSM module. We ask for your patience while they complete their tasks.

This issue is happening again, I have used Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Looks like the stability of your services is not good since this was reported in May and it is still happening in July.

Hello @jtlogic,

May we verify if you are still having the issue accessing the service desk? Thank you

I’m still getting the message " CDbException

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection."

cannot connect to the device management webpage, second day in a row

I am in the middle of testing something in the Device Management in my ITSM. I reloaded it a few times and I encountered no issues with it.

Did this issue occur at the same time like yesterday?

ITSM is down for me too.