Release Candidate of C1 & ITarian - IT Operation Platform October Release(10/27/2018)

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE and ITarian on Saturday (10/27/2018) morning! The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo One and ITarian will be in maintenance mode.

Introducing ITarian
On the release date, you will have the option to switch to the ITarian platform. This switch is not mandatory, and you may remain on the Comodo ONE platform.

We are all ITarians - Superheroes that know and use the power of IT!

I-Tar-i-an (noun): a person who supports, advocates, or practices a doctrine, theory, or set of principles associated with IT.

The new ITarian platform will have the same functionality and user experience as you are used to on the Comodo ONE platform.
ITarian is a partner of Comodo. Comodo has partnered with ITarian to give Comodo customers access to additional great products and services that will be coming soon via the ITarian platform.

All the IT management tools, training, and support you use today will remain FREE.

All functionality is the same for both the ITarian and Comodo ONE platforms. The only difference is the platform skin (either ITarian or Comodo ONE branded). Everyone’s configuration and settings will remain as they are. You will have the same products available to you that are in your portal today.

ITarian will start on its mission of helping IT administrators provide the best services possible to their enterprises. Comodo Cybersecurity will continue its mission of protecting your enterprise.

Learn more at

Endpoint Manager (New name of IT and Security Manager)



  • The ‘Stop Scan’ button now terminates all types of scan running on an endpoint, including scheduled scans and local scans started by the end-user. Previously, the button only stopped scans initiated at the portal. ‘Stop Scan’ can be found in ‘Security Subsystems’ > ‘Antivirus’.
  • More informative security icons in the device list. The security shield icon now shows more detailed information about the security status of a device. This accelerates response time and decision making by providing actionable information upfront without the need to investigate further. New messages include
    • “The computer needs to be restarted for some changes to take effect”
    • “HIPS is not functioning properly”
    • “Firewall protection is disabled”
    • “Antivirus protection is disabled”
    • “Auto-Containment is disabled”
    • “Multiple protection components are disabled”
Patch Management

New Feature

  • Operating system patches can now be removed. We added an uninstall action for OS patches and updates, allowing you to roll back to an earlier build if required.
Remote Tools


  • Added sorting to process explorer columns. Admins can now sort running processes on remote machines by name, PID, status, CPU/memory/disk/network/GPU and start time. Process explorer is part of the ‘Remote Tools’ menu available in ‘Devices’ > ‘Device List’. Toggle between the flat and expanded view options by the view button on the left!
Comodo Client Security


New Feature

  • Create containment rules based on software vendor. You can now create rules to contain, block or allow applications by a specific software publisher. You can also set how many levels of parent processes should be inspected.
  • Containment rules now let you specify a ‘Vendor Rating’ as an extra condition for ‘Files Signed By Vendors’. This lets you create even more granular rules than before, granting you additional control over your security policy. For example, you can block applications which are signed by vendors that you rate as malicious.
  • Automatic review of quarantined items. We added a new scan type which periodically re-evaluates all quarantined items for changes in trust rating. This helps cut-down on false-positives remaining in quarantine long-term. For security reasons, the scanner will restore false-postives which were quarantined by CCS, but will not restore items quarantined by users or admins.
  • Improved heuristic analysis and embedded code detection. CCS will now monitor Windows services, auto-run entries and scheduled tasks. This means even better protection against malicious code triggered by Windows start-up and auto-run items. You can configure the feature in the new ‘Script Analysis’ area at ‘Advanced Settings’ > ‘Script Analysis’.
  • New ‘Script Analysis’ section. ‘Heuristic Command Line Analysis’ and ‘Embedded Code Detection’ have been moved to the new section (‘Advanced Settings’ > ‘Script Analysis’.)
  • Windows 10 1810 (Redstone 5) compatibility. We completed all required updates and testing for CCS. You can enjoy a hassle-free transition when you upgrade your endpoints to the latest Wındows release.
    • Note: Older versions of CCS have compatibility issues with the latest version of Windows. We strongly advise you update Comodo agents on endpoints before installing the new Windows release.
  • Restarts are now optional. It is no longer mandatory to reboot endpoints after installing or removing the firewall component of CCS. We still recommend you do so, though, for the smoothest experience.
  • Improved support for TLS 1.2. TLS 1.2 is the standard protocol used to encrypt connections between websites and browsers. To meet compliance regulations, we now support of this critical protocol on these older versions of Windows:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
C1 Portal

New Features

  • The Quote Manager module is now available in US region instances of Comodo One.
  • Added local storage billing options to Acronis.
  • Added trial licenses for Dome Data Loss Protection Cloud. The free trial will be available from the October release onwards.

New Client Versions:

  • Windows - Comodo Communication Client 6.23.18107.18100
  • Windows - Comodo Security Client
  • Linux - Comodo Communication Client 6.22.16643.18090
  • Linux - Comodo Security Client
  • Android - Comodo Mobile Agent

C1 & ITarian - IT Operation Platform October Release.docx (319 KB)

All this sounds great but I wish some of the outstanding GUI-type bugs in ITSM would be addressed.

I have to say seeing this is extremely frustrating to see:

SNMP trap monitor

Set up advanced filtering capabilities and alarm conditions to respond to specific properties of the received SNMP trap, such as polling specified OIDs, performing simple calculations and comparing results with a specified value, and automatically publishing in local or remote folders via file transfer.

This product has yet to include any SNMP capabilities or any of the “network” performance features your marketing keeps advertising. Reference this thread:

You guys are going down a really bad path with your marketing. How much time was spent coming up with some new buzzword and associated marking materials for “ITarian” vs implementing features your marketing already lies about having. I’m sorry to be disrespectful but I’ve been a partner for over 1 year and been extremely patient, considering its free and I understand somewhat the nature of development of a complex platform. But this is flat out dishonesty. Obviously you are not listening. I really love the idea and the platform of Comodo One (or whatever you want to call it ) and I want to see it succeed. For a company that touts “trust” as much as Comodo, its the one thing you are so obviously breaking when I see things like this. It doesnt matter that the platform is free, this marketing damages your reputation and ours! In the forum thread I referenced, Ilker mentioned it was “on us” and was a mistake. I understand mistakes, but to make the same one again? @melih again I ask you, what do you say to this?

I implore you once again, remove the content that is untruthful. Or do what you did to the other page and put coming soon as you did here

I wish we had an actual roadmap page at least for partners to see where progress is on a lot of these items. (ETA and progress % for example). This is has been asked for countless times.

I hope I’m not the only one disturbed by this. That all said, I will end this saying that I still believe this platform has the potential to disrupt the industry especially with RMM, which is needed very badly. The improvements and features have been coming more frequently each month and I love that. I do wish to send appreciation for the developers and teams that are working hard to make the product better.


Thank you for the feedback. We will make sure the marketing pages would be corrected before the official release date.


Thank you sir

SNMP is a very important part of our service to our clients I am surprised that this hasn’t been released as yet along with fixing the devices online and offline monitoring issue.

This whole ITarian thing seems unnecessary, This seems like a branding ploy to remove Comodos Name from the platform.


Your perception is valid and we would like to thank you for voicing out your thoughts on this but we assure you that Comodo isn’t going anywhere and that we are partnering with iTarian to provide you with the best services that you think would be appropriate for you.

ITarian is a completely separate company that was created to better serve IT management needs. Comodo products will still be available on the platform, as well as other products from our partners.

Thank you for your continued patronage and partnership with us.

How seamless will the transition be, if at all. Will our login portal change? Will we need to reinstall the clients? If we have to reinstall the clients is there a remote installer?

Hi @phil.tukey

Your experience on how you use the platform today will not change if you opt to change to ITarian. For the initial launch, the only difference will be the skin change and a new logo for ITarian. Your login will not change, and you will not need to reinstall any clients.

So why should I change to ITarian if everything stays the same and nothing will changed except the logo and name. How is it possible that ITarian is different company but yet Comodo ONE and ITarian is the same platform? Is Comodo ONE using ITarian or is ITarian using Comodo ONE?

I’m all for rebranding whatever! I started on the European server not knowing there was a difference. The US server had an old RMM version with file transfer built in. Fast forward 9 months for a supposed migration to the US only to call support to find out “oh there’s a script to do it”. But now no file transfer and I’m still having to carry a thumb drive or use onedrive! Where is file transfer???

More details about the ITarian platform will be forthcoming once it is officially launched on Oct 27 (as mentioned in the very first post). For now, everything that is currently free on Comodo ONE is going to be free on the ITarian platform. For the initial launch, there will be no difference between Comodo ONE and ITarian other than the logo and the skin change in the portal.

@wierengaict ITarian is a partner of Comodo. Comodo isn’t going away – they are providing security solutions as they always have.

@thecompugeek We assure you (and the others who clamor for it) that the file transfer functionality is in the works and will be rolled out soon enough. :wink:

I think what worries me more is that my details and my clients details will now be shared with an unknown 3rd party without my permission or my having any knowledge of who they are.
Or what business they are in.

  1. Will the new platform be funded by on-screen advertising, or obtrusive messages selling stuff ?

  2. Will the existing comodo one platform be wound down over the next few months ?

So what will be the difference after the initial launch?

If there isn’t going to be any changes then you have to wonder why there would be two of the same platform? Surely one of them is going away.
I don’t want to be a naysayer but I can’t help feeling like this is a waste of resources that could of been directed towards requested features.

ITarian is the main platform fo IT management. Comodo will focus on building “Security” products that will be integrated into ITarian platform.

As ITarian matures it will be able to invest very heavily into “IT management” whereas Comodo’s focus is security. Its important that each company has a focus.

No change to your experience at all!

the way you should look at it as, this platform you use that has 2 main sides IT Management and Security …IT Management side of it is now being called ITarian…