Release Candidate of C1 & ITarian - IT Operation Platform October Release(10/27/2018)

@originalscan ,

We understand your concerns.

1 There will be no advertising on the platform.
2 The platform how you use it today will stay the same over the next few months. BAU on official releases will follow.

I can understand that but if ITarian is focused on IT Management, and the majority of those IT Management products are free, then where is ITarian generating revenue? I would imagine CDome, AEP, Spam Filtering, SIEM…etc (basically, all the main products) are going to fall under Comodo.

If you remember, our plan has always been, from day one, for ITarian to have a market place/appstore so that it can make money.

Yes of course, so will ITarian have it’s own apps in the future? Or will it be retailing Comodo Apps + Affiliate Apps like C1 does?

ITarian marketplace will be open and federated. We will make APIs available for anyone to integrate…they will then go through certification and once validated will be released to our community. So its open to anyone…we hope to have many providers and hundreds if not thousands of apps/services available to you guys.

That’s great news! Should of been in the newsletter ;D. When you say anyone, does that include competitors like Webroot, Bitdefender, ESET…etc?

Webroot, Bitdefender etc are NOT a competitor to ITarian! …So yes, as long as they do the work of integration.

I have gone through this with another RMM:
GFI initially purchased an RMM (hound dog), and then dedicated an internal team to improve it. After a while, it took up a lot of resources and time and wasn’t their main business focus. They spun off a company called LogicNow and moved the RMM product over to that. A lot of the developers moved as well, so it was pretty seamless throughout this whole process.
LogicNow had adopted the pay model of its predecessors and had retained most of the client base. However, it wasn’t long before another company whose main focus was network and administration (SolarWinds) saw the threat to their own RMM platform. They purchased LogicNow and kept the platform as it was. This allowed them to keep the well-established client base and not lose too many clients. They have, to my knowledge, been working at trying to unify the platform, but are not rushing it as each platform makes money in its own right.
I switched away from that platform not because of the transition process but because of the changes that couldn’t be avoided: specifically service. With different models of service and different ways of doing things, the larger company could not react in the same manner as it once did… more like a group of collaborators. Instead, it has become a typical client/vendor model and it has lost its feel. As a result, I have lost my confidence that it will ever get to the things I need.

As this process moves forward, I encourage Comodo to impress upon ITarian (not to be confused with ITAryan - an IT service for the Nazis) that the look, feel and real interaction of their clients on a day-to-day basis is what makes or breaks a platform. Many will stick with something for years even without it supplying their needs if they know the people who are working on it really care about those needs and are working through it. They are even more loyal if they are allowed to be part of the solution.

I wish this project the best of luck.

@virtusit makes a good point. I dont see a reply from Comodo about this yet, but hopefully soon? I would also like to know regarding privacy and security of client info as many of us have HIPAA or GDPR clients.

I did a quick search for “itarian” as LLC’s in New Jersey normally show up here but nothing for Itarian.

From what i have read and found on linkedin, basically the comodo one core (not the av part, edr, etc) will be “split” off into a new brand…
I doubt its a new company, but you never know… Still would like some kind of clarification as to who will “own” the new platform and what information people selling on the platform will have access to.

ITarian is MAVeCap Company (my own Venture Capital firm). So they all have the same owner…this is an important branding exercise. IT management is a huge area on its own, separate than cyber security. ITarian has its own CEO and teams so that they can focus better in delivering you everything IT Management, while Comodo guys can focus in delivering you everything security. This is a very positive step in making sure to put greater emphasis on focus.

And I have put a large size of our ITarian Salute! This is how our fellow ITArians will be saluting and handshaking going forward!

So just to clarify … ITarian has been spun off into a seperate company by the same people, mainly for logistics and branding purposes. Makes sense to me, based on melih’s note above, but the wording in the initial post wasn’t clear.

Yep, exactly.

I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed with the launch as we were told that we could choose Comodo or ITarian branding, however CCC on all devices now shows ITarian Communication Client. I haven’t even logged into the portal yet. Can someone please explain this? Forcing stuff down our throats is not the best way to keep us.

Is there a long-term roadmap that can be shared with us to show where all this is going?

Hi @netzbahn ,

Fellow ITarian, welcome!

We give clients the choice of selecting their portal skin. The programs have to be changed to reflect which company owns it. Since the IT management tools are ITarian, the programs have to be updated to reflect that. All Comodo Security programs will keep the Comodo name.

If that’s the case, then why is the url still!?! And where was it disclosed that all the “ITSM tools” would be changing with this rollout? Could you please provide a link stating that all the tools would change? I can only find information that the new skin would be available and we had a choice.

@netzbahn ,

There will be a road map in the future. This will be shared once available.


For now, if you are going to log in to, you will still be directed to or Everything that is currently free on Comodo ONE is going to be free on the ITarian platform. For the initial launch there will be no difference between Comodo ONE and ITarian other than the logo. Everything stays the same and nothing will change.

Any time frame on that? Sorry, I’ve been told for close to nine months that we would be seeing a road map “soon” and it’s never appeared. Sorry if my response doesn’t convey much faith in your response.