Release Candidate of Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform October Release (10/21/2017)

Hello everyone!

We have started deploying October release candidate to demo environment; you can start testing the new features.
There will be daily updates on the demo environment. So, please expect some minor changes and connection issues through this week.
Here are the targeted release notes:

IT and Security Manager
New Features

  • With the new release macOS X devices are also controllable by Comodo Remote Control. Now you can remote control your macOS X endpoints to troubleshoot anytime anyplace. Just make sure that your macOS X endpoints are updated to latest Comodo Client – Communication agent.
  • Now admins can also limit the staffs access to certain companies on device group level! “Access Scope” section under ITSM->Users->Role Management->Role page is improved with device group to enable& disable access to each company and device groups beneath. With this option admin can dedicate a role to see only limited companies& device groups and not the other ones.
  • Technical improvements for increasing the ITSM overall stability have been implemented.
    • Health level of back-end services, database, queue and cache structures monitored.
    • Long running queries investigated and necessary indexes created in database.
    • Discovery back-end service re-designed so that the business logic of the service transferred to agent side.
    • Auto log collection for service crashes have been implemented to reduce the time spent after any problematic cases.
  • We have identified that patch discovery on the endpoint was blocked in some cases due to unexpected halting of the Windows update service for any reason. We made our patch management module capable of enabling Windows update service by constantly monitoring its process. With this improvement, we will make sure that a patch will be discovered as soon as it is published by Microsoft.
  • We are happy to announce that 75 script procedures and 19 script monitors are added to ITSM Predefined procedures sections. Also it is worth noting that existing procedures are modified to current standard.
  • We also added a new folder named “Monitors” for custom script procedures that can be used for managing your endpoints. Please see Appendix-2 section at the end of the attached notes.
Bug Fixes
  • “Stay signed in” checkbox on Comodo Remote Control” was not working after device reboots, issue is fixed. Now you can check this box and you will not need to enter your credentials in the next run.
  • Some of the ITSM Android agents were not communicating with ITSM portal, and on some portals the devices were shown as offline even though the devices were reachable. Both issues are fixed.
  • Some visual compatibility issues were detected on Edge browsers, the icons and tables were shown with wrong format, it is fixed.
Comodo Endpoint Security Improvements
  • With the new release, CCS agent keeps protecting your devices while enhancing its maintenance skills. In case of any CCS crash, logs are automatically collected in order to investigate the cause and to make more robust the protection you are under.
  • We have improved the file scanning mechanism with scan priority parameter. When an unknown is executed on the endpoint, Comodo Client - Security will submit the file to Valkyrie with high priority label so that it will be analyzed prior to other files that reside without execution. This will ensure file verdict is completed much sooner, which gives us opportunity to take precautions and to provide a much secure environment for your endpoints.
C1 Portal Improvements
  • We optimized our data centers to manage the change in a more rapid way. Now, Comodo One Portal will be even faster. All functions will work more stable and you will easily use Comodo One Portal in a more reliable manner!
  • We also separated our databases for different actions for decreasing response time on Comodo One Portal!
  • We added monitoring systems in microservice level in Comodo One Portal to track any unexpected situation. This way, we will be having a closer look to our system and catch and solve the problems even quicker before they affect your working environment!
Service Desk New Features:
  • With this release, you will be able to choose between capturing all inbox items as ticket or selectively forwarded e-mails from your support mailboxes to convert into tickets. With new forwarding way , you can easily convert to ticket and take action on filtered e-mails that are sent to your support mailboxes! Now, go ahead and enable “fetching e-mail via forwarding” option from the Admin Panel! After that you just need to copy the e-mail address that we created just for you and be sure that your mailbox is forwarding the incoming mails to that e-mail! By this way, your customer will not be confused and you will be managing their request over tickets with full business automation and visibility!
  • From now on, you will be able to enable or disable any left menu item to any role instantly from Admin Panel. You will manage different roles with enabling them to reach different screens! Try it now, and see the comfort of staff management by yourself!
  • We added technical improvements to track our system and make it more reliable.
    • We added monitoring systems to our integration module services. This way, we will engage with any problem before affecting you!
    • We modified our session management in order to optimize sessions. Now, sessions will work more stable!
    • We upgraded our PHP version to the latest so that we will serve you with the new capabilities and features!
New Agent versions:
  • Comodo Client - Communication (Windows) 6.12.8380.17100
  • Comodo Client - Communication (macOS) version 6.12.8245.17100
  • Comodo Client - Security (Windows) version
  • Comodo Client - Security (macOS) version 2.4.235
  • Comodo Remote Control (Windows) version 6.12.8335.17100*
  • Comodo Remote Control (macOS) version 6.12.8240.17100*
  • In order to test CRC-Windows on demo env. please download the attached CRControl_change_env.txt and rename it as CRControl_change_env.bat and run it through command line with command argument " > CRControl_change_env.bat PREVIEW" This will change the server setting to Demo environment. you can revert the setting by running " > CRControl_change_env.bat PRODUCTION "
  • In order to test CRC-macOS X on demo env. please download the attached CRControl_change_env_MAC.txt and rename it as and run it through terminal as" $ ./ PREVIEW" This will change the server setting to Demo environment. you can revert the setting by running " > $ ./ PRODUCTION "
Best Regards, Comodo ONE Product Management

CRControl_change_env.txt (555 Bytes)

CRControl_change_env_MAC.txt (491 Bytes)

Comodo ONE - AEP October Release Preview Notes.docx (78.7 KB)

Before using the beta release, should I uninstall the current Comodo software, use the clean up utility and then reinstall?

Now that’s a pre release :wink: looking forward to this update.

I notice

  • Some of the ITSM Android agents were not communicating with ITSM portal, and on some portals the devices were shown as offline even though the devices were reachable. Both issues are fixed." I presume this also applies to the windows devices.

I’ve been advised by email recently that the Windows issue is fixed in the October release.

@ahmetenes Please advise, so I can start testing in the best way possible.

Hi @nct ,

No you don’t have to uninstall current ones, the new agents are released incrementally, they can be installed on the existing ones. But as you know the demo environment is separated from production, you should only delete the device from the production portal and enroll it to your account on When deleting the devices you can uncheck the boxes for keeping the existing agents.

After enrollment to demo environment, the device will automatically get the new agents.

@dittoit , yes we have also solved an issue that was causing showing the devices as offline on ITSM and/or CRC.

I also don’t see anything about procedures not running or taking a long time

Has this also been fixed. ?


appreciate its a demo environment but almost nothing is working, patch, procedures, logs,
see attached screen shot… lots of service is not responding.

Mine worked win10.

Along with the agents going offline or not connecting the procedures not running (or having to be executed twice) is one of my biggest issues. Fingers crossed.

Based on my experience so far, the 1st PC I have enrolled is showing as off-line on C1. Please see above. @Joners

Snap, 3 days out to launch, we are far from ready…

So, device was “grey” offline in portal, but ITSM agent showed as “connected”. now device is green and online and the ITSM agent shows as error (see attached)

Restarted the ITSM service and it now shows as on-line, but I still can’t push a CCS update to the endpoint.

Now greyed out again on C1.

Not had chance to test any of the demo/beta stuff yet, but the error here I experienced on live platform early (06:00GMT) this morning as well as “Database Error”.

Rebooted and I still can’t push the updated CCS to the endpoint. I can confirm the endpoint has picked up the profile from the beta C1.

@nct @dittoit , @Joners ,

We understand that you are testing out the bug fixes and some functionalities in respect to @ahmetenes post for the 21st release. We’ll have the demo environment checked for any lapses.

Hello @nct, @dittoit, @Joners,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we in support will work with our development team to ensure the best possible response. While we strive to achieve resolution as quickly as possible, issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days. After development has reviewed this issue we will pass along any additional updates.

Please note that production stopping critical issues are handled with the highest priority and addressed in real-time.

We will be sending individual emails to track the issue faster.

Thank you.

If major issues (like the above) have been identified will this go back to dev and a subsequent RC be dropped at a later date? Would just like to have that full weeks testing on the release build rather than patch the current RC and hope its all fixed.

Hello @Joners,

Yes, you are correct. If major issues have been identified, it will be relay to the development team together with the necessary log files to further verify the root cause of the problem. Issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days and those that would require a code change will be available with the next release. Thank you