Release Candidate of Comodo ONE - IT Operation Platform May Release (05/05/2018)

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (05/05/2018) morning.
Important Notice! - New version of Comodo Client Security will be released at 10th May 2018

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • ‘Windows Application Store’ – New library of ‘must-have’ software to improve productivity, communication and media management. All the apps your users need in one place.
    Software is the backbone of any computer network. Whether you’ve just enrolled a new endpoint or reinstalled Windows, one of the first things you’ll likely do is install all sorts of useful programs. Deploying software to endpoints is not an easy task. IT admins must research and download the packages then distribute and install them on target endpoints. It can become an impossible task to keep up even with only a few hundred machines. The latest version of ITSM makes this job far easier for you.
    The new Windows store (‘Application Store’ > ‘Windows Application Store’) is a one-stop repository of over 300 popular Windows applications. Examples include Wireshark, Trillian, WinZip, Adobe Acrobat, CCleaner, KeePass, Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, VLC and many more. Once you have made your selection you can instantly install them on managed devices, saving you time over traditional workflows.
    Features include:
    • Install selected applications on managed devices.
    • Install a specific software version on selected endpoints.
    • View software information and available versions
    • View devices on which a particular software is installed.
    • Filter available applications by category. For example, by ‘Utilities’, ‘Messaging’, ‘Online Storage’, ‘Browsers’, etc
    Of course, we will be adding new applications to this list regularly to provide ever more value to our users. Know of a good app you think should be in the list? Don’t hesitate to make your suggestion on our community forum. You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Enhanced audit logging with the ability to track actions on the ‘Antivirus’ and ‘Current Malware List’ pages. Audit logs now contain full details when a scan is run on an endpoint or malware is quarantined by admin You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Added ‘Download Server’ options in ‘Updates’ section of a profile (‘Configuration Templates’ > ‘Profiles’ > open a profile). The new option lets you set up an internal staging server to distribute Comodo Client - Communication updates. This helps reduce inbound network traffic in networks of all sizes You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Enhanced audit logging with the ability to track updates to procedures. When a procedure is run on an endpoint, you can now see execution details and go directly to device details via a link in the logs You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Improved ITSM device details section to support device names that are longer than 15 characters
  • Improved 'Support Web site' text field on rebranded Comodo Client - Communication system tray menu to support up to 90 characters
  • Improved 'Support Email' text field on rebranded Comodo Client - Communication system tray menu to support up to 70 characters You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Improved global patch inventory page. Admins can now sort global patch management inventory by clicking "Not Installed" and "Installed" columns. This useful addition allows customers to identify pending patches and install them as required You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • You can now export data from the following ITSM pages:
    • Device List
    • Patch Management - Operating System
    • You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Exported data will be available in ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Reports’ as a new report. In the following months we will implement this functionality on all table views (device list, antivirus etc.)
  • Added External IP Address of Windows Devices under Device Details > Summary section
  • Over 170 script procedures are added to ITSM Predefined procedures sections
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby “User Tokens” tab was not shown under ITSM-> User List-> [username]-> User Info section for the users that have been added through C1
  • Fixed issue on Android Application Store whereby some admins were receiving error messages while adding new applications
  • Fixed an issue whereby incorrect license overusage notifications were send to customers
Comodo Client Security
  • ELAM compatibility. Upcoming versions of Windows 10 require all applications to be compatible with Windows ELAM technology (Early Launch Anti-Malware). We have completed the required updates to CCS, ensuring a hassle-free transition for your endpoints when ELAM is rolled out
  • Faster and smoother CCS experience. CCS file rating has been optimized to decrease the time it takes to check file rating. This means your applications will open faster while still enjoying the security provided by the rating system.
  • Improved stability and security. We have increased the security framework around CCS and its processes. By better protecting CCS itself, we improve its ability to provide protection and stability to the rest of the managed endpoint
  • Increased performance. Comprehensive design improvements mean that CCS resource consumption is now lower than ever. Your endpoints will become nimble and quicker while still benefiting from the robust protection delivered by CCS.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby some Windows components were being contained by CCS.
  • Fixed issue where applications launched slowly for some users when containment is enabled.
Service Desk

New Features

  • Default charging model. New way of managing asset rates from a single screen is live with default charging model You could reach the wiki of this feature from here
  • Service Types are now shown in cost and time log reports. You will have the chance to observe service types at first glance on these reports
  • We continue to store audit logs. Here are the list of items added to the log inventory:
    • Changes made on company information
    • Edit knowledgebase settings
    • Edit emails on settings
    • Change system preferences
    • You could reach wiki of this feature from here
  • Optimizations to the email send cycle implemented in order to increase the efficiency of the sent emails from Service Desk.
  • Dynamic form structure is improved to make custom forms more reliable with using variables
  • Monitored items added to ticket fetching to capture and prevent delays for incoming e-mails to Service Desk
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby asset name is set to capital letters
  • Fixed issue whereby in contract reports,
    • Selection shows consistent results,
    • Values for the total prepaid hours and unused prepaid hours appear correct
    • When “Export to CSV” option is selected, files are seperated by comma
  • Fixed issue whereby time spent gives consistent start and end time
  • Fixed issue whereby cost and ticket reports give consistent material cost
C1 Portal

New Features

  • Added Dome Antispam Trial to the C1 App store. Go ahead - try Dome Antispam for free!
  • Dome Firewall Central Manager is now an integrated module. You can now find this module this module in the ‘Applications’ menu
  • The C1 interface design is now responsive. You can now see the same C1 design on your tablet or mobile that you see on your desktop
  • Added ‘Region Based User Registration’ to our sign up page. Your portal will be created based on the region you select
  • Improvements to interfaces for account details, features tabs, acronis account activation, event editing parameters and account actions
  • 2nd field of street address is no longer mandatory in forms
  • Improved request response logging
  • MSP list migration has been implemented
  • CAM account migration has been implemented
  • APA_objectlist migration has been implemented
C1 Tools

New Features

  • We have great news for you! We’ve recently started working on the redesign of Comodo Network Assessment Tool (with additional functionality) and before releasing out this brand new version, we would like to provide supplementary features to the existing version. These new features include:
    • User Feedback Form - which is designed for you to share your feedbacks, needs, or concerns so that we can consider all your feedback during the redesign phase of Network Assessment Tool. In this form,
      • You can simply select if you are happy with the existing tool
      • You can provide detailed comments and share with us
      • Finally, if you leave your email address, we may contact you for further questions
    • Optional Update Form - which will inform you once we release the brand new version, so that you can choose to update to that version or keep using the existing tool.

New Client Versions:

  • Windows Client - Communication 6.18.11875.18050
  • Windows Client - Security
  • Windows Remote Control 6.18.11757.18050
  • macOS Client - Communication 6.18.11867.18050
  • macOS Remote Control 6.18.11758.18050

App List.pdf (200 KB)

image_3022.pdf (321 KB)

Release Candidate of Comodo ONE - Release Notes May 2018.pdf (336 KB)

1st thing that comes to mind is the ability to upload applications to the Windows Application Store.

Also no CCS build numbers.

@dittoit ,

We’ll gladly send these suggestions to our Development Team and we’ll provide a notification via support email for any news and updates about this Functionality Request.

We would like to see the currently logged in user with in CCR. The owner is not always the logged in users. Especially when you have roaming users, the MSP handles everything or you have clients with high turnover. We need to see the logged in user.

Going to the web interface to get this information is time consuming.

What is the roadmap to fixing the branding issues? I was hoping to see something about that on this release. 15 days is plenty of time to make the minor changes that are so glaringly there.

“… is a one-stop repository of over 140 popular Windows applications…Of course, we will be adding new applications to this list regularly to provide ever more value to our users. Know of a good app you think should be in the list? Don’t hesitate to make your suggestion on our community forum.”

Where can we view the list of the over 140 applications so we aren’t just blindly sending in application requests?

Could there be a note field added so there is a way you can make some notes that is saved and be able to look back into the saved notes

This has been previously requested and I think on the wish list.

@netzbahn ,

Indeed there is plenty of time. Reviewing and testing the functionalities and fix as mentioned. We have asked our Product Developers for an update on what can/will and possibly be added to the release notes.

The Windows Application Store sounds useful and similar to the list of programs on @ayhanepik you have included CCleaner in your list above. Is it now a package Comodo trusts?


Yes indeed @nct We’ll add you in the loop @rbosman and keep you updated.

Personally I see that as a separate product or instance. I am treating this app store as a “trusted” area, meaning free of malware and diligently maintained by Comodo.

@dittoit, I absolutely see your want to easily roll out packages and it’s something I think we all want, however I’ve had personal experience with RMM providers that have rolled out that functionality in the past and have failed miserably because packages uploaded by VAR/MSPs were not clean, and when the RMM provider ran their repository scans, software that could be flagged as malware was deleted without MSP knowledge and such. It also questioned the “cleanliness” of the apps they were providing. It’s too much of a liability to the RMM players. If Comodo rolls out an app store, I put the liability on them to provide clean and updated apps just as I do ninite.

There’s nothing from stopping you from creating scripts to run customized apps that pull from S3 or some other secure repository, maybe even self-hosted if you have the bandwidth. We use a combination of that and ninite right now. Works well…

@dataprotectgroup ,

We’ve seen the request for your need and have found you as one of those who requested the ability to see “the currently logged in user within CRC” We’ll keep you updated

You missed my point…where can we see that list now? We were asked to provide applications that would be useful for us. Are we to wait until we can see the list after the May release? Isn’t there a list of these applications somewhere in a link at the present time?

The link for the app list returns a 404…

The list looks good. A couple of questions:

  1. Will we be able to uninstall software from the same app store?
  2. Will updates be done from the app store or from the patch portal?
  3. Will we be able to create procedures/scripts for applications in the app store?
  4. Will we be able to add software available in the app store to a profile for automatic installation after CCC is installed?
  5. Will we have the option to mark applications as blacklisted? Look for if the ISTM agent recognizes that software is installed, based on a profile it can do a combination of sending a notification, creating a ticket in SD, and ultimately automatically uninstalling the software. This would be useful if the end user has installed the software on their own or during an onboarding process as part of locking down the workstations. I would also like to see this profile based.


Hello @netzbahn,

Below two improvements will be done in May release. We were waiting for verification from development team. I have updated the release notes to include them also.

  • 'Support Web site' text field up to 90 characters
  • 'Support Email' text field up to 70 characters
Best Regards Ahmet Enes

Hello @dittoit ,

We added the Client Security version to our release notes in the appendix section.


Looking forward to this release! This will have some features that will really help me manage my customers! Thanks! One request for the new version of CCS on May 10th. Please test it thoroughly and on several different machine configurations. When you went to version 10, it corrupted the antivirus install on many of my customers’ PCs and they were without AV for several days.