Release Candidate of Comodo ONE & ITarian Operation Platform for September 2019-09-07

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases scheduled to go live on Saturday (2019-09-07) morning!

The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time platform will be under maintenance mode. Post-deployment tests are expected to continue until 2 pm EST during which you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

Onboarding Wizard for Enrollment

We redesigned the enrollment process to make it easier to add new devices. You can now enroll and protect your device in a single wizard.
Admins now have the option to ‘Enroll’, ‘Protect’, or ‘Enroll + Protect’ when adding new devices. You can pick different options for individual devices, or different options per operating system.

Apple DEP Integration

Endpoint Manager now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), an important boon for customers who manage devices in the Apple ecosystem. DEP simplifies the previously complex procedure of enrolling and managing MAC/iOS devices, reducing the number of steps required before a device is ready for use.

From the September release onwards, iOS devices that are managed over DEP will be synced automatically with Endpoint Manager.

  • Sync and manage iOS devices from Apple DEP
  • Manage enrollment and notification settings of Apple DEP
  • Add, remove or renew Apple DEP tokens on Endpoint Manager.
For more information about Apple DEP, please visit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of bulk installation package including wrong CCS build if 'Latest -' is selected and Default Client Version is different.
  • Fixed the issue of wrong redirection on License Options -> Upgrade Now button.
  • Fixed the issue of missing "Refresh" button for third party procedure execution logs.
  • Fixed the issue of Local Verdict db update failure.


New Features

Virtual Desktop events

You can now view virtual desktop logs in the ‘Event View’ tab of ‘Security Dashboards’.

Virtual Desktop Status in Device List

New ‘Virtual Desktop’ column added to the device list. There are three icons to indicate the status of the virtual desktop on the endpoint:

  • Virtual Desktop is running
  • Virtual Desktop is not running
  • Virtual Desktop is not supported
Disable realtime scans on network files - Mac OS profiles

In the last release, we added a setting to MAC CCS to disable automatic scans on network items. We have now added the same setting to MAC OS profiles in Endpoint manager. This means the feature can be more easily rolled out to all managed endpoints.

“Real time virus scans are now optional for items on shared network drives. This can improve performance by eliminating needless scans on write-restricted files. If an endpoint does not have the rights to delete/quarantine files in a shared folder anyway, then there is little reason to scan them at this point. Any files copied to the endpoint will, of course, still be scanned locally.”

Device tree added to Security Dashboard pages

A much requested quality-of-life feature, the new device tree lets you view events, and take actions, on specific device groups.

Remote Control

New Features

ITSM Service Inventory

New feature lets you silently connect to a managed endpoint to manage the local service inventory.

Added multi-language support to the Remote Control application

You can now use the Remote Control app for Mac and Windows devices in German, French, Portuguese and Chinese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed device takeover error messages.
Remote Monitoring and Management

New Features

SNMP Monitoring

You can now use SNMP monitoring to monitor network devices as well. It is now also possible to:

  • Manage devices which are found on the network
  • Create profiles for network devices
  • Create monitors for network devices.
Auto Enrollment for Network Devices

You can now define auto-enrollment preferences for network discoveries.

Clearer, Filterable, Exportable Procedure logs

You can now email scheduled procedure logs. The details in the logs themselves have also been improved.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed bug that caused disk space monitors to produce a false positive.

Patch Management

New Features

CVE Visibility - Vulnerability Management

You can now view CVE details about issues affecting vulnerable devices.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed an issue where MSI errors during a 3rd party patch operation were not getting reported in the Endpoint Manager UI.

● Fixed an issue that caused Endpoint Manager to show the wrong number of installed/uninstalled patches.

● Fixed issue that prevented patching from working properly in some cases

● Fixed bug that caused software inventory scans to take an abnormally long time

Comodo Client Security


New Features

  • Website filtering. New feature automatically detects and blocks harmful websites, improving online security for endpoint users.
  • Detailed parent process logging. CCS logs now show the parent process of applications blocked by the containment module.
  • Macro script monitoring. The antivirus now monitors the execution of macro scripts and blocks malicious behaviour.
  • Confirmation message shown when attempting to exit the Virtual Desktop. You now have the option to show a confirmation message to end-users if they try to close the virtual desktop. This is to help ensure users do not accidently leave a virtual session.
  • ‘OK’ button added added to the ‘PIN’ popup that is shown when the Virtual Desktop starts. The button allows the user to close/hide the PIN popup.
  • Added option to force users to scroll to the end of the Virtual Desktop Disclaimer.
  • Virtual Desktop sessions now have a maximum time expiry time of 24 hours.
  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\* folder has been removed from the ‘Shared Spaces’ file group. This location could potentially contain valuable user information.
Service Desk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of unable to enable/disable Admin Email
  • Fixed the issue of wrong SLA warning levels
  • Fixed the issue of error messages for uploading over sized pictures
  • Fixed the issue of multiple attachment showing problem

Client Versions

  • Windows Communication Client 6.30.29304.19090
  • Windows Client - Security
  • Windows Remote Control 6.30.29343.19090
  • MacOS Communication Client 6.30.28366.19090
  • MacOS Client - Security (previous)
  • MacOS Remote Control 6.30.29347.19090
  • Linux Communication Client 6.28.26228.19060 (previous)
  • Linux Client - Security
  • Android Mobile Device Management Client (previous)
  • iOS Mobile Device Management Client 1.2.27 (previous)
Regards Product Management Team

September 2019-09-07 Release Notes.pdf (282 KB)

Its here! I’ve never been so excited for a feature update, long overdue. I cannot wait to begin using it. Thank you!!

Great features coming up!!. Thank you.

  • Website filtering. New feature automatically detects and blocks harmful websites, improving online security for endpoint users.
Will there be an option to whitelist websites for FPs and also disable this feature completely? Is the filtering blocking based on database lookup or analysing the website when it is accessed?

Hello @nct

Yes for both.

It is based on database lookup.


really looking forward to this release

Thanks, @Jay , is this database cached on the endpoint and is there a webpage we can visit to test the filtering is working and blocking the categories?


SNMP Monitoring

Will this allow to give network devices like printers a friendly name?

Hello @nct ,

The list is not available, CCS stores and updates DataBase of sites together with AV DB


No, it does not allow to give network devices an alias.


That’s a shame. Is this feature planned?

Hello @pcbuddy247 ,

Actually yes, and if you want we can add you on the loop for any important update on the said feature.
Just let us know so we can send you an email for this.


Yes please. That’s fantastic.

@pcbuddy247 ,

Certainly, we’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that deployment has been started for September release.

We will also inform you when post-deployment tests are completed.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that post-deployment tests are completed. You can safely enjoy the new features coming with the September release.

Looking forward to hear your feedbacks!

Product Management Team

Hi @Jay , where is the ‘website filtering’ section on ITSM to manage it centrally?

Also, these reports seem to be the same or very similar - what has changed?

New Features
Improved reporting capabilities. We added hardware Inventory , antivirus scan history, and risk reports. You can find all new and existing reports at ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Reports’. "

I now understand there is no facility to manage web filtering through the Endpoint Manager console and it is just a feature in Comodo Client Security when the firewall module is in use. There is already an outstanding feature requests for centralised management and web filtering, but it takes back to 2016.

Does the CCS web filtering work in conjunction with cDome or completely independent?


Kindly refer to the help guide below about the Website filtering.


They’re completely independent. Filtering is based on our DB of sites + customer config (list of sites) and is performed on network interface on PC on driver level.