Reporting update?

On the Roadmap for 2021 Q1/Q2 it shows Ability to create detailed custom reports was this added? we really need better reporting on patch management, compliance, Executive and flexible hardware reporting/inventory

so no reply from Itarian Rep with regard to this?

I’m getting the feeling development is slowing down on the Itarian platform. also timelines and roadmaps are not being met and then no response to questions regarding this. we are going to have to start looking at an alternative RMM and PSA

Hello @Marveltec

We are doing our best to extend our reporting capabilities and make it fully customizable, including the ability to choose data points and create fully customized reports.

Could you please share more information about what would you like to see about those reports?

If you would like, I would be more than happy to arrange a session together in order to fully understand your needs and provide the exact reporting capabilities that you seek.

I have also sent you an email regarding this.

Best regards,

Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Senior Technical Product Manager

Hi @ilgazy

thank you for your response

The main concern for me is that we still cant give our customers decent reporting from ITarian

The beta reports in the RMM dashboard has had no improvement or changes for ages.

  1. The patch compliance report is not suitable and doesn’t make sense. This could not be sent to customers (also not branded or showing customer name in heading etc)
  2. The executive summary report doesn’t run or complete at all
  3. The Hardware inventory report (is also not branded or showing proper heading for customer etc) it is also not customizable i.e. if we are not using the comodo anti-virus/security solution it shows that antivirus is not installed etc this should be customizable and show 3rd party solutions a customer seeing a graphic showing no anti-virus and firewall installed when it is, is a problem. It would be great if this also just showed if the device was up to date with patches in the same view. Also an important graphic would be to show if the device is encrypted i.e. Bitlocker etc (but this should also allow customizing like when using Eset Full Disk Encryption which we de for some customers)

The biggest stumbling block for ITarian at the moment is

  1. Weak and unusable reporting
  2. There is also no ability to add notes to customer sites/and or Devices (there needs to be some sort of documentation section i.e. secure password/site setup/document options

Compliance is a big drive at the moment in most of the countries of the world and here in South Africa we are no different clients are needing proper reporting

@Marveltec , I agree. Working reports are basic functions that should work from the start.
@ilgazy : It was already promised already in november last year. see:

@ailan thats what I’m saying and it was also On the Roadmap for 2021 Q1/Q2 but alas. I wonder how many MSPs are actually using this product in production

I simply hope they will listen to our positive feedback and focus to improve basic functions.
It looks like a lot of functions or not being thought of very well or hasn’t been tested in open field.
In the end we all benefit from a good platform.
So Itarian, please take our advise and improve the basics instead of only promising working functionalities.

Totally agree fingers crossed


just wondering i haven’t had any response to my mail or the replies on this forum thread…

we do have some advanced reporting we make available “On demand basis”.
However we are looking to expand it to every account by default. Its an active project.

Hi @melih ,
Advanced reporting looks nice, but even the basic/ standard reports are not working now.
Can that be fixed first?

Hi @ailan,

We have created a support ticket to investigate the issue reports not working.

Kind Regards,

Hi @PremJkumar ,
Please look at earlier mentioned topic. It was already known and a fix was scheduled half year ago.

Hi @melih How do I get the on demand “advanced reporting” also how far is the rollout fix of basic reporting? I need to make a decision based on this timeline

Hello everyone,

Please checkout our latest post about Advanced Reporting from here.

Best regards,

Hi @ilgazy ,

It looks like an addon. Is it going to be a paid option?
At this moment I’m not looking for advanced reports but for the basic reports that should already work and included.
Can you tell when that will be available?

@ilgazy how can ITarian say this is a new Advanced Reporting add on I have had this on my RMM dashboard under beta reports for ages now. my question to start this post was when are we getting updates, fixes and the ability to customize these reports?

Hello @Marveltec,

We started a new initiative to completely restructure reports beta, and provide many pre-defined reports including hardware/software inventory, monitoring, patching, security, compliance, and much more. Currently, we are in the phase of planning and we plan to start execution very soon. We are trying to do our best to offer you the best reporting capabilities that will fulfill all your needs.

We will share every news about our advanced reporting initiative on Advanced Reporting thread.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Hi @ilgazy ,
Nice to hear that there’s (again??) a new reporting section. But can you, or someone from Itarian, answer when the basic reports are going to be fixed?
Simple reports of how many detected threats per period are now even not working!!
So no advanced reports, but the basic reports which were promised last year already!!
It’s very quiet regarding these reports and nobody responds…