Rollback of Comodo Client Security v10.8.0.7053

Hi everyone,
Due to a recent detection of a freezing issue related to latest CCS release (v10.8.0.7053), we have just rolledback the available CCS build to the previous version (v10.7.0.6981) on Endpoint Manager until a hot fix is deployed. Engineering team is on the issue right now and preparing the fix.
Hot fix is planned to be deployed on this weekend.
Following announcements will be done under this topic.

Thank you for your understanding.
Comodo ONE Team

@Can I’ve encountered the freezing on Win 10 x64, does it apply to all OSes?

Hi @nct ,

Although reproduction of the issue is unstable, it was reported from various OS versions like Win7 x64 and Win10 x64. So the answer is yes, it applies to all OSs.

Hi Sir,

we had install it,how to rollback the client version?

@yu.jasper To rollback you would need to uninstall Comodo Client Security from the endpoint and then push the installation again from the console.

Hi everyone,
Engineering team is still on the issue. In order to provide a smooth fix and experience, hot fix is planned to be deployed on Wednesday, November 21st in the morning.

Thank you for your understanding.
Comodo ONE Team

Hi everyone,
We are sorry to inform you that the planned hot fix is cancelled and the fix will be provided within the next regular Comodo ONE/ ITarian release date, December 1st.
After the engineering team completed the investigations, it has been decided to work on it more carefully and perform in-depth analysis.
By the time, you can uninstall CCS v10.8.0.7053 and install v10.7.0.6981 from Endpoint Manager.

Thanks for your understanding,
Comodo ONE Team

My new installs are all pulling 10.8 should they be pulling 10.7?

Hi @Garey ,

Yes it should be pulling 10.7. Please uninstall the CCS 10.8 on all your devices and reinstall it again to make it 10.7 version.

keeps pulling cant get 10.7.

Hi @Garey ,
Do you install CCS via Endpoint Manager directly or do you use an old bulk installation package?

Via the Endpoint manager.

@Garey I have uninstalled Comodo Client Security 10.8.x from a Windows 2012 R2 server and pushed the installation successfully of 10.7.x from Endpoint Manager, by pressing the yellow shield.

I am seeing this on a Windows Server 2012.
Been spending hours on trying to figure out what was wrong.

Hi Can,

Could you please provide us with more information about how and why is the freezing issue triggered?

We have more than 1300 computers deployed with the version and so far only 6 of them have reported issues that may be related to this reported problem. All of them have been updated from a previous version of Comodo Security, and the issue has been solved by removing CCS using the CisCleanupTool and then doing a clean install. So far, we have not a single issue with the version when doing a clean installation.

Thanks in advance!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam Endpoint Security

Hi @DevoteamEndpointSecu,
The root cause is identified as a system level technical issue in the driver architecture of Comodo Client Security. Due to the instability of reproduction of the issue, it was only observed on some particular customer environments.Thus, there is not any certain steps which can be the reason of getting these freezes. In other words, these freezes cannot be triggered by user actions.
The engineering team has identified the root cause and currently the fix is being tested.


this is frustrating ear this problem and so many time to fix. I’ve spent many hours to check client configuration, firmware update and so on and after this earing this problem, but overt the top is that is not yet solved … i’ve changed “classic” antivirus software ie: symantec, avira, etc, because i’ve hoped that comodo will give more and more but seems that is the “old” antivirus provider ?

Hello @liviodaina livio,

We understand where you are right now. Rest assured that we`ll send you an update as soon as we can.
If you can tell us how we can further assist you on your concerns, we will more than grateful to ease your dilemma.


Why didnt Comodo send out an email or some notification to us?
If you dont follow the forum you wouldnt know this.
I spent hours trying to figure out why we had a server freezing like that.

Seriously, the lack of communication regrading this is very unsettling.

@smartcloud I have to agree with you, emails should be the 1st form of communication to Comodo users, this is something I would strongly suggest that they move on fast.