Script for Detecting endpoint Temperature

Hi Support,

Please help me to create a script where it detects the machines Temperature (i.e. CPU, FAN, etc.). If the temperatures hit the 55 degrees Celcius, it will send an alert. I am planning to use this script as a Condition in monitoring an endpoint.


Hi @apanelo

Great input! , Thank you for contacting us. We will notify you of updates on this request.


Hello @mkannan,

Nice!. Looking forward into it.


I would also like this script

Hi @apanelo and @jtlogic

We are unable to get temperature and fan speed details using windows built in options. We are discussing with developers team regarding this.

By the way, if you already know about any open source tool with command line options to get temperature, fan speed then please suggest us. We will deliver monitoring script based on this tool as a temporary solution.


Hi @apanelo @jtlogic

Our developer already planned to implement this by Q4 2017 as Hardware monitoring feature in ITSM. I will keep you update on this process.


Hi @mkannan,

Thank you for this update. Looking forward for this one :).


I am also looking forward to this, thanks!

Yes me too I’ve asked a couple of times for this so fingers crossed this gets implemented in Q4

Any word on this yet? I’m looking forward to this script. Thanks!

@mkannan, any updates? Thanks


We are progressing with all effort to get better result, will update you once it has completed.

Thank you

Hi, Has there been any progress on this @Aravind_pandi?

Does anyone even work here anymore?

Hi @techiron , we’ll provide a solution on this on monday

Yippe… almost two and half YEARS later!

i dont mind paying for this service but we need something to pay for…like service !!!

I was told it would be ready on Monday…a month ago. I’m ready to abandon this system. It works nice, but support is a ghost town.

Has there been any progress on this since I’ve been waiting for a month now? I really like your product, and I would be happy to pay for it, especially if it appeared that support took things seriously.

@techiron ,

We apologize for the delay. We have reached out to our Script Developers for an update