Service Issue - ITarian RC not connecting

We are experiencing remote access issues today. ITRC is showing EPs dropping off-line - in fact all now showing off-line - and trying a remote control session either give “device not ready” or just cycles trying to connect. Anyone else having this problem?

Hello @amcssit

There is a hot fix already ongoing which will cause devices appearing offline on EM Portal which will cause remote connectivity issues.

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Is this an issue with the EP software or the Remote Connection Tool?

The Remote Connection Tool - version 6.29.27171.19070

Hi @James_Robertson and @amcssit ,

We’ve created a support ticket for each of you related to the remote control issue that you’re having.
Please respond to the email we’ve sent you for acknowledgement.

Thank you.

Thank you - just received this:

Welcome to ITarian support.
Our developers confirmed that there’s currently an outage and we’re having issues with one of our servers.
Our backend team are currently working on the issue.
We’ve added you to the escalation ticket so you’ll be included on the notification list once the issue is resolved.

Guess this is for everyone then? Same problems this end

Here is my comment from another thread on this topic…

"For the last 5 hours I have been unable to Remote Control any endpoint. For the first 4 hours of that time no endpoints were showing as online. Online availability for endpoints comes and goes randomly and I am not able to connect to endpoints when they do appear online.

I have successfully installed two different software packages to machines I am physically at that have the endpoint agent so I know connectivity works.

I reached out to Itarian support (via chat) and the support person confirmed that Itarian is aware of the issue and is “Working on it”.

So, hopefully the ability to Remote Control endpoints is resolved soon.

Also… not just me. This has been confirmed on a Facebook group where other MSP’s are experiencing the issue too."

Hi @ChrisR and @Noxcivis

We’ve created a support ticket for each of you related to the remote control issue that you’re having. Please respond to the email we’ve sent you for acknowledgment. As of the moment, our Development Team confirmed an interruption occurring with our remote tool usage and will be resolved soon.

Thank you.

We’ve been experiencing this issue all-day also.

Ticket received. Any eta on addressing this ? Today, this week or next week ?

Looks like we need to revert back two versions of Communication Client.

@libretech ,

This report has been acknowledged by our Development Team and they are currently working to get it resolved for all affected MSPs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Still Down. All day.

Hi @intechtel,

Our development team is still working on fixing the issue. We will notify you via your forum registered email once we receive an update about this issue.

Thank you!

Still down this morning. Hotfix deployed to a number of endpoints but it’s not solving the issue :frowning:

Any ETA on a fix for this? Causing a problem for my helpdesk staff

Same problem here…

Hello @novatwin @vestfoldit, @wholeservltd

We are aware of the issue and reset assured that we`ll send you an email the soonest possible we can

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.


Hi Can you please follow up with me too as we’ve had this now for nearly 24 hours. Thanks…