URGENT - BSOD with the security firewall

Hi guys
I have had two computers, one laptop and one desktop BSOD on startup due to some update ( not sure if Comodo or Windows Update )

Desktop: Windows 7 Pro - HP Elite 8200
Laptop: Windows 10 Pro - Lenovo Ideapad 510S

Both laptops BSOD about “inspect.sys”

Only way to boot the machines is via SAFE MODE - safe mode with networking resulted in the same BSOD

On some googling, inspect.sys seems to be part of Comodo - so I tried to uninstall the Comodo Security Firewall in safe mode - won’t work as Windows Installer does not run in safe mode. There is a work around below:

Open cmd prompt as administrator and input the following command:

REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\MSIServer” /VE /T REG_SZ /F /D “Service”

Then start the Windows Installer service by typing net start msiserver

I was able to uninstall the Comodo Security Firewall, done a reboot and no BSOD.

I will dig out some logs now …

Whoa! Did you detect this only after a restart, or did it happen during normal operation of the PC?

Hi @rgb . We had sent you an email 2 days ago about this post. Our Development Team needs to investigate this issue further and we cannot consider uninstalling Comodo Security Firewall as a solution. We will look forward for your response.

@rgb , we need the logs please. without it we are blind :frowning: Can you help us get some logs asap?
much appreciate it!

Hi @maximillianx . Please let us know if you had experience the same BSOD issue that @rgb has. Should this incident happen, please let us know at c1-support@comodo.com
Thank you.

Hey @Parker , I’m not having the issue, I was just responding. We use the Comodo firewall here as well on a number of machines at my client sites. I’m just following the thread just in case they run into something.

Similar type of issue here, but it would appear to be linked with removing the Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver. Ticket already been logged with support yesterday #KWM-270-66344

,@nct @rgb @maximillianx ,

Your reports are currently being investigated by our product development team. with the help of the collected logs, we can direct an accurate resolution on this case. Thank you

Great, now I have this issue on a 3rd laptop and I cannot uninstall Comodo Client Security - is there a cleanup tool anywhere that will run in Safe Mode?

@rgb ,

We understand that this had caused an issue and will assist you in your query. We will communicate with you shortly via email for the resource that you need.

Heads up - is this related? http://www.pcgamer.com/windows-10-update-sends-some-pcs-into-a-bsod-boot-loop/

@maximillianx ,

We are yet to receive an official answer from our development team if this is indeed impacting to Comodo One. We will provide an update to you via support ticket shortly.

Bloody annoying, another machine with this issue now - onto the 4th one at this stage.

@rgb if you are using CCS you should not be encountering this issue. I suggest you contact support.

@rgb We’ll contact you thru email to gather the necessary logs on the affected machine.


I ran into a BSoD issue with CCS. I sent the memory dump to C1 Support and it turned out the NIC driver was crashing. Updating the Intel NIC driver in this case resolved the issue. Given that CCS firewall injects itself into the networking stack having updated the drivers prior to deployment is advisable. Your particular issue may not be the same but it may be worth trying.

I had a client send me a pic of ythe BSOD with the inspect.sys driver error. She said it happened a couple of times last week. I temporarily disabled the “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver” in the network adapter properties on Monday. No reports of BSoD since but it’s only been 3 working days this week. I’ll let it ride like this all next week then turn it back on along with enabling full memory dump to capture the next crash completely.

I did find it interesting that the Comodo Firewall component does not complain about the driver being disabled. Is the driver required for the Firewall to work at all or are only certain aspects of it’s protection disabled? If the latter, which functions are affected?


We’ll get back at you with more information about your questions @vitalsupport

Hi @vitalsupport . Please let us know once the BSOD happens again for us to gather the dumps needed for the investigation of this case. As for your question about why the Comodo Firewall component does not complain about the driver being disabled, we had created a Feature Request for that function. We will send you an email notification for this. Thank you

I have done a video showing this problem and how to fix it - will post soon