Welcome Aboard

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to welcome aboard to MSP Consortium forum where MSPs will interact with other MSPs and Comodo.

MSP Consortium offers everything you need to run your business as an MSP, everything from RMM to PSA to Patch Management and does so for FREE.
MSP Consortium is NOT a pay to play organization. You have to earn the right to be part of this amazing community, you can’t pay your way in!
MSP Consortium has many different committees that we would urge you to join. The more you take part in these committees the better our platform becomes. The better the platform, the better the business and so on…
MSP Consortium is an open and federated consortium. Its open to everyone, all the vendors. Of course we have strict criteria, but anyone who fulfill these criteria is welcome, MSPs or vendors.

As the MSP Consortium, our job is to help you make more money, improve your business and increase your revenue. But we expect you to play part in this community and for you to contribute too so that we can all benefit.

I am very excited to work with each and every one you!

Welcome aboard!


PS: If you haven`t done so already go to https://one.comodo.com/ and get your Free RMM/PSA platform.

Looking forward to the development and participation in the forum

great to have you guys here.
pls feel free to play with the platform (one.comodo.com) and give us all your feedback and requirements of how you want it, so that we can continually improve it for your business.

Downloaded the RMM console and started to test. Will report back with some feedback soon.

Thank you mhberglund,
its your RMM tool, you can tell us how you want it developed further and we will get it developed.

Just stumbled across Comodo tonight…highly intrigued. Downloaded RMM Admin and testing out now!

Welcome Scotters.
We are here to listen and improve the product according to your feedback.

Big Up to you guys… Just what I was looking for and nice that we can work together in bettering the product… I have a few tweaks and ideas already.

Welcome and please feel free to share with us :slight_smile:

Thank you,

pls feel free to share them in our Technical Committee section of the forum. You can contribute your ideas about how the product should function as part of the tech committee. this will help the MSP community all around the world.

thank you

I think what you are all are trying to do here is simply awesome! I have been looking for something like this for a few months now. I am a very small MSP (4 full time clients). I was either going to settle for rolling something out on my own using various open source projects or accept the limitations of the Spiceworks app and use that.

I am very pleased that I now have this wonderful choice. Not only that, but I can help shape what it is and what it does? AMAZING!

Good luck to you all. I plan on joining the tech group ASAP.

Brian AKA BJWTech

Glad to have you on board. We are here to enable and empower you so that not only can you run your business effectively and economically but also expand it.
Look forward to your contributions to the community.

New MSP member here, intrigued and interested in the community. Looking forward to spending some time here with y’all!

Hi everyone - just found this forum and looks very intriguing. I’m looking forward to taking an active part in this consortium!

glad to have you on board pcrescue.
this forum will enable you to do 3 things
1)enable you to talk to the development team developing free RMM, PSA and QSA tools and give you the opportunity to help guide the development process with your input and feedback.
2)enable you to talk to like minded MSPs and fellow entrepreneurs building IT management business, share ideas and get help
3)as part of the mspconsortium, enjoy being part of an organisation that will get you discounts, leads and enable skill exchange platforms (all coming in not too long future)…

So please go ahead and start providing us feedback about how you want to improve the platform and see how we can help you in return.

again, welcome aboard!

I’ve been using Comodo ONE for almost a week now. Love it. There are something that could make it a bit better. Anyway we could get a mobile management app for our smart phones and tablets? Also anyway to monitor linux servers for those of us that have a small linux based data center that we’d like to keep tabs on? Also where do you “push” policies at? I need to re-enable Bluetooth on my phone and can’t seem to figure out how to get the new policy assigned to the device.

Any plans for bare metal imaging? Say I got a alert a hard drive is failing. I’d like to schedule an image poll when the client leaves the office that night and have it dub to a new hard drive in my office. Then I meet the client in the morning and swap drives before they start their day and they never have to worry about the drive failing and loosing all of their data.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

To answer some of your questions and to clarify some aspects:

“Anyway we could get a mobile management app for our smart phones and tablets?” - so basically you would like an app for the CDM Console? Currently the CDM Console can be access on Mobile Browsers, but indeed it is not optimized for that type of access.
“Also anyway to monitor linux servers for those of us that have a small linux based data center that we’d like to keep tabs on?” - RMM version for MAC is planned for Q1 2016 and Linux is for Q2 2016.
“Also where do you “push” policies at?” - I’ve replied in: https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/products/other-comodo-products/comodo-device-management/1992-re-push-policy-to-android
“Any plans for bare metal imaging?” - have forwarded this one to our development team and we will advise further as soon as possible.

Hello @brt_kraig ,

Bare Metal Imaging is possible through the Acronis backup module currently present in Comodo One APP Store.
It supports Disk-level Recovery: Recovery of entire systems with all data, to the same or dissimilar physical or virtual hardware from a disk-level backup via bare-metal recovery.
For more details please refer to this link: http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/Acronis_Backup_Cloud/index.html#32955.html


It’s my first time with Comodo One and on this forum too. Excited to see this service by Comodo, and that too free! However, after reading most of the threads here (bugs, issues) I guess it’s still in a developing phase. I think we would have to accommodate with that, specially knowing that it’s a free tool.

I’ve a few quick questions: I understand that the Comodo One web portal is cloud based, but the RMM Console has to be installed locally at a server.

  1. Does it mean that we have to setup a local server at the client premises for every client that we signup?
  2. Or do we have to setup a central server at our own office and have it communicate with all the agents at client endpoints?
  3. How does the RMM server communicate with the endpoint agents? I mean do they have to be on the same network, or they can communicate over the internet as well?
  4. Ref to #2 above, if we have a central RMM server at our office then will it be able to communicate with client agents which are behind a client’s firewall?

Thanks & Regards

Hello @one.msp ,
To answer your questions

  1. The Rmm Console needs to be installed only once on one computer.
  2. Any computer cand be used for installing the RMM console on.
  3. The server communicates with the agents both through the local network and over the internet.
  4. In order to be able to communicate with the RMM Servers, the RMM Agents and the RMM Console need to be able to connect to the following host names and IPs:,,,