What exactly is free regarding Endpoint Security


as to my understanding the EM is free but Endpoint Security is an extra service I Need to pay for. However I am capable of deploying the Endpoint Security Suite to my registered Clients.

Will they run only a limited period of time and expire or is this a limited basic version that just does not have the extra Premium/ATP Features?

Best regards and thank you in advance for the answer.

@StrobeTech can help explain and supply the licences required.

Hi @nct

thanks for highlighting this for us.

@Weatherlights the licensing is an odd and open system which is in a possible change phase at present.

Looking at the various products and systems you can get on this platform, I have put together a quick guide below: -

ITarian Products
Endpoint Manager (Formally known as ITSM) = Free
Service Desk (SD) = Free
Quote Manager (QM) = Free
CRM = Free [Would not advise you look at this currently]

Comodo Products
Dome Shield
Dome Shield comes in two levels ans is designed to protect your DNS traffic and provide roaming clients and phones with VPN.

  • Dome Shield Gold is Free and enables you to have protected DNS etc, but after 300,000 requests in a month (all clients added up) you can no longer make changes to the settings that month. The next month this is reset and you can change stuff again.
  • Dome Shield Platinum is a paid product which gives you the full features all the time. This is priced in brackets of DNS requests; and if you are interested we can provide you pricing as required.

Dome Secure Web Gateway
Dome Secure Web Gateway is a cloud hosted VPN Proxy solution based on AWS. This is priced on the number of users needing protection and we can quote as required.

Client Security (CCS but also known as AEP which is Advanced Endpoint Protection)
CCS is the main product people use as this is the AV, Containment, desktop firewall etc.
By default you can deploy as many installs of this as you wish without seeing any trial notice or billing information. This is because the system is provided with trust and requires you to have read the Ts & Cs of the product and how you install it.

In short, what you need to know is: -
Free for 60 days
Licenses for installs after 60 days is required (Come and speak to us for best pricing possible)
Failure to purchase licenses could end up with AV and complete ITarian access revoked

Dome Firewall
Basic version is free and there is a premium version available. Please speak to us for more information.

Dome Antispam
If you want to provide your own hosting on a dedicated server you can use KoruMail which is free, or there is the hosted Dome Antispam MSP version of KoruMail which is subscription based. Please speak to us about licenses as complex as currently based on users, domains and more.

Very big topic covering many products, so if interested please let us know what parts etc and we will do our best to help.

cWatch EDR
There is a 1 year trial you should still be able to access, after this you need to purchase licenses, these are based on per machine.

I hope this helps a bit, and if you have a questions please free to contact us.


ITarian / Comodo staff please correct / update if we have missed anything as I know these things can change quickly.

Clear as mud! If CCS is supposed to be paid and I’m not talking about what I understand as upgrades. Where is the webpage to properly license the product?

Hi @thecompugeek

Im glad all is clear :slight_smile:

There is a page to buy the product on the portal, but this is a very high price compared to what we can provide if you wanted.

The license details are hidden very well in the terms and conditions which being honest no one ever reads.

Something that is coming soon after a recent meeting with the Itarian project managers is license management and monitoring.

I cannot confirm when this update is coming, but this will allow you to assign licenses from product keys to clients. And this will then also show you a traffic light system showing you who and what is not licensed or expiring.

I know this information is not much more than previous posted, but hopefully this does help.

One more Question: You mention that we can try CCS for 60 days before aquiring a license. Is this per client or in total? Let’s say there is a new client and he is likely to use ccs can I allready install it and license it after two month or does it need a license from the start.

Each client you add gets a trial so it allows you to use this as a selling tactic.

The basic version is the trial system and is missing access to features like Valkyrie I think you will find.
Comodo have used this trust approach for too long which has not helped them with correct licensing and getting money for licenses as required, this is on the verge of changing with a much clearer interface coming soon.

If you would like prices please send me a private message which includes your country so I can provide you a price for purchasing correct licensing for CCS.

I have access to it! I need to talk to someone at Comodo immediately!

I have sent you a private message to try and help

@StrobeTech … Are you the official source for Comodo in the uk? connected with Comodo in some way or just a third party reseller of the licences? Can you clarify your position please?

Hi @Ed_Johnson

My name is Robin and I’m the director of Strobe Technologies Ltd which has the trading name of “Strobe IT” which was the original name of the company/partnership in the UK before becoming Ltd. The business is an MSP in the same way that you are; but we also have a distribution side of our business for selling ITarian and Comodo products to other MSPs within UK, US and EU.

We decided to start distributing Comodo and ITarian after being messed around by other not named distributors and bad selling tactics and prices. We have over the time made a great relationship with the guys and teams involved with these products and speak to them daily on ideas, issues and more.

I hope this explains the position a little more.


But I emailed Comodo to enquire about UK licence availability and they said I have to deal direct via the website (which isnt functioning)… so are you saying you are buying licences from Comodo and reselling them? cos I’m lost here. Just trying to clarify if you are an official line of distribution appointed by Comodo.

Totally real and one of the few official reseller’s for Comodo.
@melih the CEO and Founder of Comodo is the one to speak to if you are worried. He might not answer at the moment as I see he is away from Skype for the last 15 minutes.

If you PM me your license requirements and I’ll get details sent over to you, also if you let me know who said we are not here to help I’ll get them to send people our way as we are here to help!

You will be in good hands with Robin :slight_smile:

I was told the trail period was 30 days. Although they could not confirm or deny if it stopped working after that or if you would be billed for its use. I read somewhere, a user has been using it for over 2 years for “free”. I would not want to share who, as for sure they may come down on them swiftly.

The system currently does not stop working or bill you as it is licensed via trust.

If you are breaking the Ts & Cs and not buying a license they have full rights to remove the service.

There is an update coming soon to the portal to show this information in a clear manner which should help answer and highlight these issues and requirements…

Hi @StrobeTech ,

thanks for useful informations, a little question:
I’m a small IT admin and reseller, and I’m managing my client’s endpoints with C1 (coming from Avast Business Basic).
At the moment I’m in “test” mode, but in the near future i’d like to sell to happy clients the AEP licence, and to remove protection to the unhappy.
Some clients has 20 PCs, others just 3… the total number of endpoints under C1 is about 180.
May I buy, for example, 1 AEP licence for 50 endpoints and assign them to the different endpoints (20 for ClientA, 3 for ClientB… )
or I have to buy
1 licence for 20 ep = Client A
1 licence for 3 ep = Client B
… ?

Thanks, and sorry for my basic english…

No problems on the English, makes enough sense for me to answer the questions for you.

With the new licensing module you have the choice of: -
1 license with multiple endpoints split over different clients

1 license with endpoints per client

Or a mix of both

The new license update gives you the power, choice and flexibility. Completing the choice we can now provide the licenses for a 1 or more years; or we can provided these monthly so you can bolt them into support packages etc.

So if I understand this correctly - If I end up mistakenly being under-licensed due to a lack of any licensing management tool - I lose everything?