What happened to RMM?

What happened to RMM? Did this replace RMM? Not sure where CDM and RMM overlap if at all. Tried creating a new account for comodo one but now I don’t even see RMM anymore for new accounts so cannot find way to actually do any of the RMM stuff.


Hello @azon2111

RMM is now indeed part of CDM.

First you have to enable RMM module, by going to: Comodo Device Management > Settings > Extensions > Enable Remote Monitoring&Management.

Going forward if you go to Devices > Devices List you will have a Takeover option. Once you click it you can download and install RMM console.

Hello @azon2111

In addition, if you want to install the RMM agent on a computer, please go to Devices > Devices List > Select a device > Install MSI/Packages > Install RMM agent.

Thanks, now where is the patch management deployment for a device?

Hello @azon2111 ,

Please make sure that Patch Management is also enable under Settings > Extensions.

After that you can find it under Devices > Devices List > Open a specific device > Patch Management

Thanks, so what is the patch management section from the one portal good for then? Just reporting? Is the reporting, charting etc moving to DCM?

Hello @azon2111 ,

The difference is that Patch Management within CDM is managing only Windows updates.

Patch Management standalone gives you control over the deployment of updates to operating systems as well as 3rd party applications on network endpoints.

It also has a different agent that you need to install on your endpoints.

Two or three issues I am having with the DM:

  1. I need to centrally deploy the agent without assigning to a specific user (it would be helpful to be able to assign it to a company and company site) or via active directory (small office workgroup)
  2. It has MSI deployment for RMM and AV but not for PM and PM doesn’t see the agent endpoints.
  3. In the RMM admin utility the devices show under my company ‘default site’, not under the client and I see no way to move them. Would be helpful if the interface including RMM were web based.

Hello @MTekhna ,

  1. You can deploy the CDM Agent through AD by navigating to Settings > Bulk Installation Package in the CDM Dashboard.
  2. Are you refering to the Patch Management which appears in the CDM Console or the one from the Comodo One Console? They are two entirely separate things.
  3. Currently that’s where the devices will end up in the RMM Console but we already have a few requests to have the Ability to manage the devices and change their company or owner after the enrolment takes place. We have added you to the ticket details and will let you know when that becomes available.

Hi @John ,

  1. Will this work without AD? I have some small offices with no server/AD.
  2. I am referring to PM in the Comodo One console. I was previously trying to install the agent via command line. It returned value “T” but didn’t install or register on the C1 console so I installed an agent manually under my company, that worked but an agent I installed manually for another company still isn’t showing up in the C1 console.
  3. Thanks! I saw this functionality seems to have been included in previous versions I saw on a webinar.

Hello @MTekhna ,

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, CDM agent will work without AD, but in this case you will have to manually install the agents. One easy way would be by sending out enrollment emails or by downloading the package with CES or without CES and run the package on the endpoints.
  2. Please keep in mind that you will have to change the view to that company to be able to see the endpoints added under that company. If the endpoints still do not show up in Patch Management, that means that the registration information is not correct. Please uninstall the agents from the endpoint and try to redeploy PM agent either by using the command line provided by your dashboard (please keep in mind that the line is quite long and it might not fit on your screen), or by using a RMM procedure.

I’m trying to find the old RMM as well… Where has CDM gone now? Is it ITSM?

Is the desktop RMM management console that facilitated remote screen share sessions still available? Where do I find the installer in the Comodo One control panel?

Is there any documentation of what features are in ITSM free vs ITSM Premium?

Hello @rrrryyyyaaaannnn ,

Today we have released a new version of Comodo One with ITSM (IT & Security Management) which is the successor of CDM. You can find more information regarding the release that was rolled out today here.

RMM is still part of ITSM and it can be accessed and installed in the same manner as in CDM (make sure the RMM extension is enabled then from Devices list click on Install MSI/Packages > check ‘Install RMM agent’ > Install.

Regarding your last question, they are still the same as in CDM, and you can review them under License Options.

It is not available on the page for me anymore.

Hello @jlbreaux ,

Please navigate to Settings > Extensions and check to see whether you have the “Remote Monitoring & Management” option On. If you do not, switch it to On and then go back to the Devices > Install MSI/Packages and the option to install the RMM Agent should be there.

It is turned on, and still I don’t have the option to install the agent.

Hello @jlbreaux,

Please send a screenshot showing that Remote Monitoring & Management option is On under Extensions, and one showing that Install RMM Agent is missing from Install MSI/Packages to c1-support@comodo.com in order to further investigate this case.

Also please include your account admin email to that email.

Hello Scott,

I have sent an email with the requested information. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Hello @jlbreaux,

Thank you for the email. We have escalated this case and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello @jlbreaux ,

We have managed to fix the issue that you have reported (C1 Portal issue: under ITSM Install MSI/Packages the Install RMM option is missing even with the Extension ON). Please let us know if you are still having this issue.