What is free and what is not free

I’m currently using the endpoint manager just for patch management and for remote control. I’ve been approached by the sales teams saying that my license is expiring and I have to purchase a premium license to continue using the patch management and remote control. I was thinking this was all free. Is it free? Right now my license says I have Endpoint Manager + Valkyrie but i’m not using the Valkyrie. What will happen after that license expires?

Hello @labpuppy,

The license notification you received is for the EM Portal which should automatically renew with no issues.

The license for the Endpoint Manager and the rest of the tools are free and should automatically renew.
Additional licenses for Comodo products like AV, Dome Shield are paid for products.

You can learn more from our previous discussions here and here.

If you are having any more issues, please reach out to ITarian Support directly via support@itarian.com and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.
If you would like to renew your licenses for the additional Comodo products, please reach out to success@itarian.com.

Thank you.


Is it free forever or just for one year? Sales is saying its only for a year from when you signed up.

Hello @labpuppy, we’ll have one of our Product Success Manager reach out to you and explain it further.

Thank you for your support.

yeah i have wondered the same question

Hello @freddrich, we have informed our Product Success Team to reach out to you as well.

Thank you for your support.

@freddrich ,

We strongly suggest contacting your account manager for further assistance on license queries.

You are dodging the question. Yes or No. After one year from when you signed up, you have to buy a premium license to continue using the remote access and patch management piece? There hasn’t been a clear answer on this and this is what the sales people are saying.

@labpuppy ,

The previous thread pointed by @Riley_C is a comment coming from our CEO @melih directly pointing an answer to your query, and as well our Product Manager’s post confirming what functionalities are free and what is paid.

Below is Copied and pasted directly from an email from Sales after asking if I needed to buy a license to continue to use the patch management and remote access. So what is the official answer? if its free, then why is sales telling me I have to buy a license?

“You are correct but the services are only free for the 12 months from the date that you sign up. Beyond that, you would need some form of a premium license in order to continue using the free components”

Hi nct

thanks for highlighting this for us.

Looking at the various products and systems you can get on this platform, I have put together a quick guide below: -

ITarian Products
Endpoint Manager (Formally known as ITSM) = Free
Service Desk (SD) = Free
Quote Manager (QM) = Free
CRM = Free [Would not advise you look at this currently]

Comodo Products
Dome Shield
Dome Shield comes in two levels ans is designed to protect your DNS traffic and provide roaming clients and phones with VPN.

  • Dome Shield Gold is Free and enables you to have protected DNS etc, but after 300,000 requests in a month (all clients added up) you can no longer make changes to the settings that month. The next month this is reset and you can change stuff again.
  • Dome Shield Platinum is a paid product which gives you the full features all the time. This is priced in brackets of DNS requests; and if you are interested we can provide you pricing as required.

Dome Secure Web Gateway
Dome Secure Web Gateway is a cloud hosted VPN Proxy solution based on AWS. This is priced on the number of users needing protection and we can quote as required.

Client Security (CCS but also known as AEP which is Advanced Endpoint Protection)
CCS is the main product people use as this is the AV, Containment, desktop firewall etc.
By default you can deploy as many installs of this as you wish without seeing any trial notice or billing information. This is because the system is provided with trust and requires you to have read the Ts & Cs of the product and how you install it.

In short, what you need to know is: -
Free for 30 days
Licenses for installs after 30 days is required (Come and speak to us for best pricing possible)
Failure to purchase licenses could end up with AV and complete ITarian access revoked

Dome Firewall
Basic version is free and there is a premium version available. Please speak to us for more information.

Dome Antispam
If you want to provide your own hosting on a dedicated server you can use KoruMail which is free, or there is the hosted Dome Antispam MSP version of KoruMail which is subscription based. Please speak to us about licenses as complex as currently based on users, domains and more.

Very big topic covering many products, so if interested please let us know what parts etc and we will do our best to help.

cWatch EDR
There is a 1 year trial you should still be able to access, after this you need to purchase licenses, these are based on per machine.

I hope this helps a bit, and if you have a questions please free to contact us.


ITarian / Comodo staff please correct / update if we have missed anything as I know these things can change quickly.

Hi, thank you for all the information so far, its been very helpful.
I received an email from an account manager informing me that we will need to pay to stay on, and that the software isn’t free at all?
Looking at this thread, I can now see what should be free and what isn’t.
I went and had a look at what we are using, and I see that none of our endpoints are using CCS, and we don’t have a need for Valkyrie. A majority of our devices are Mobile Phones as well.
Is there a way for us to keep using the endpoint manager and service desk, and somehow switch off CCS and Valkyrie seeing as we don’t use it anyway?

Hello @mvc ,

Thank you for sharing this. Kindly reach out to your Account Manager again to clarify the query or you may reach out directly to
support@itarian.com for additional information.


We have never seen or heard of a premium license requirement before to access the free Itarian products.

We are a distributor of Comodo and not aware of this rule. I’ll check and find out for you, but if you do need a license come to us as we can sort you out.

None of this matches what was explained to me a couple of years ago.
I used to use the free 10 seat CES local server option for a couple of small clients. This was supposed to be “free forever” according to your website.
Then, this “free forever” product stopped being free, and the “free forever” notification disappeared from your site, although it took a couple of months for this to happen after the product was no longer free.
I called sales to complain about this, as I’d designed some of my management infrastructure around this product, and was told that it was made no longer free, because the Comodo One product had taken over for the free option, and the antivirus and management options of CES Server were all available for free in Comodo One, just the same, and that this would be “free forever,” just like CES Server was.
Begrudgingly, I rearranged a few things, and moved my clients over to Comodo One, instead.

Now you’re telling us that the antivirus functionality is not free, and potentially never was, and we all need to pay for what you have repeatedly promised was going to be free forever.

This is a good way to destroy your reputation, and drive customers away. You’ve changed your licence model multiple times after promising not to, and expect customers to just jump and do whatever you ask of them.

Get your act together.

Hi Robin, you might have to revise the above after they dropped the latest bombshell!

Not so much a bomb shell as we have been working with the teams on this and fully aware of the cost neutral system.

The systems are still free if you use the AV or shortly purchase items from the store.

That is disappointing to hear

Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. You are saying if you BUY protection from Comodo then the ITSM for client machines (including all that was to be free forever) stays free?

So what you are saying is this, if you buy something then what Comodo promised would be free for forever is still going to be.

You do realize that is the definition of bait and switch and is completely ILLEGAL in the US and as far as I know in the EU as well.

You cannot sell a potential customer one product just to force them on an up charge or into another product. That is very much ILLEGAL.

I will also tell you what is not on the up and up. If you use Open Source platforms that are licensed under GPL and AGPL (especially) you cannot use them in the context of what Comodo is doing.

I will start today reporting Comodo to open source platforms (we both know which ones are used as I’ve been here since the very beginning) folks as a questionable if not an outright violation to those agreements.

Robin, please don’t make a dirty name for yourself and your company by getting in bed with Comodo any deeper then you already have. Would hate to see a good company get a bad rep for Comodo’s management decisions. Surely, you don’t want the open source community to know about how their platforms is being used in a profiteering way in this manner. You are better then Comodo garbage. Don’t let the greed get you like it has them.