Which products do you want to see integrated into Comodo ONE portal?

MSP Consortium is open and federated. We will try to include as many vendors as possible in our platform. Which products/vendors would you like to see integrated in Comodo ONE?


Our RMM tool has its Remote connection Plug-in. Did you tried that? You can try and tell us how we can improve it for your business.

We already have a remote tool like team viewer built in and it’s free. Can you please use that and let us know how/if we can improve it further.


I will test it out later this week. I will let you know my thoughts once I have done a through testing.


I would like to see integration with Backup tools such as Iaso, StorageCraft and Acronis. As a future request and possibly as a related method of doing this, I would like to see a parser that can:

  • Check email account
  • Parse incoming email for subject line and sender
  • Parse for keywords (possible XML)
  • Create alerts or auto-generate tickets based on content

Essentially I’m thinking of an automated workflow based on email content. I do have a c#.net application that already does some of the heavy lifting. It is a Windows service that checks an email account on a periodic basis and has the capability of parsing the emails downloaded. It was designed for a different purpose but the framework might be able to be used. If it is compatible with your code base I’d be happy to donate it to the cause. There isn’t a ton of documentation so I would need to do a brain dump to one of your coders.


Hi Josh,

Acronis is already our partner and we are going to offer the integration.

Regarding service desk / ticketing; our Service Desk solution already have the ability to convert emails to tickets and let you interact with emails. current functionality provides the items you requested below.

  • Check email account
  • Parse incoming email for sender
  • Create alerts or auto-generate tickets based on content

We can further improve it with dynamic classification ability based on parsing the keywords / subject line .

It would be great if you can share some use cases that you are using or plan to use with this additional ability. We can design better processes if we understand these use cases better.

Best regards,

Arcserve UDP, especially because they offer free workstation backup!

Do you have any integration with WHMCS?

No not yet, what is the benefit you see with their product?

what are the use cases you use them?

Monitis.com (Teamviewer) has integrations with this platform for webhosters and MSPs, like myself. It syncronizes the data and dashboards, as well as allows easy store front selling of the product.

what integration do you need with WHMCS? we can get it done.

WHMCS requires a module to be built. This could allow ease of use to ‘go to market’ with a solution to sell in the store-front and sync all data with your secure portal.Client’s would also be able to have a login and view their own devices/dashboards.

I would love to see a CRM system. Ideally one that could mine data from LDAP and MS AD to populate and link people to organizations throughout the Comodo One infrastructure. To include an proposal/invoicing/billing system as well…
CRM: http://zurmo.org/about
Billing: http://www.siwapp.org/

These are just suggestions… They seem to be able to integrate through api’s easy enough…

Thanks again!

Great input. We will investigate these for future opportunities.


Could we consider a per-company ESM monitoring page? I know ESM already has a web interface but a status for the dashboard and quick view page on C1 could be quite useful.

Hi @compnet.diwellm ,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are putting CDM for endpoint security instead of ESM since it is already cloud portal.

Best regards,

http://www.freshbooks.com/ integration would be great

Hi @msitcmatt ,
Looks interesting :slight_smile: we are going to check this out and put it on roadmap for integration with our “Comodo Quote Management” (yep, it is coming…).

In the meantime, we would love to hear more about other people who also see this beneficial / also uses this tool.

Best regards,

Webroot integration would be fantastic.

A documentation module would also be great. Something along the lines of http://www.itglue.com/ it’s to expensive for me at the moment but they’ve thought of just about everything and you can work your way across an entire network accessing the info you need for all devices/systems and seeing how they relate to each other.

I use Screen Connect for remote access as it includes a fantastic toolbox feature and online chat. It also allows me to flip into presenter mode to show my own desktop. Permissions and user consent options are also well planned out so either additional functionality or integration would be great.

File Transfer in C1/TeamViewer/LogMeIn is OK but a bit of a pain if you just want to deploy a tool or app in the middle of a remote session.

I use WHMCS as most of my clients are both support and web hosting clients. Being able to jump between the two platforms or integrate the tickets and invoicing would be cool.