WIKI: How to takeover - create remote desktop connection with- agents?

Hi everyone,

Here is how you can leverage and enjoy the new takeover functionality over ITSM…

  • Go to ITSM - Device List, select the device that you like to takeover and click "Takeover"
  • From "Takeover" dropdown menu, choose "With Comodo Client Viewer"
  • If this is the first time that you are using this feature on your computer, and didn't download the "Comodo Client Viewer" before please follow the first step and download the agent.
    • Install the agent to (your own) computer (this needs to be done only once on admin computer)
  • If you already have it installed or after you install the "Comodo Client Viewer", follow the second step and click "link".
    • It will ask for permission to launch the agent on your computer, allow it (also, you can check "don't ask me again" to not repeat this step)
  • "Comodo Client Viewer" would launch and connect to endpoint. You can start using remote connection.
    • You can use hot keys on top to send special keyboard combinations
    • You can change the screen fit options located next to hot keys
    • You can configure the connection quality settings from setting menu on top bar

Also, here are some of the questions that you might be asking… Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need (old) RMM Plug-in agent to takeover?
    • No, with this new remote connection capability, you only need Comodo Client - Communication on endpoints.
    • You can still keep the (old) RMM Plug-in agent for the first remote connection option, if you prefer to
  • Do I need additional agent on clients?
    • No, you only need Comodo Client - Communication on endpoints.
  • Do I need to install "Comodo Client Viewer" on each machine that I manage?
    • No, "Comodo Client Viewer" is required to be only on admin machine. You should install it once to admin machines and you can use it anytime you want.

Please let us know what do you think about this new capability!

  • Is it going to help you on your daily operations?
  • How can we improve it for you, what are the most important /urgent improvement points?

Hi all,

I only had time for a brief tryout of the new Comodo Client Viewer, so these are just a couple of very quick comments:

There are several very valuable capabilities in the RMM plugin besides remote desktop, for example file transfer, hardware (temperature) monitoring, PowerShell, to name just a few. The new viewer provides remote desktop functionality, but does not seem to provide any of the other features of the RMM plugin. In that sense, it’s redundant. Just wondering if there is any plan in place to add the other RMM tools. Until then, I can’t see any value added by the new viewer (sorry!).

Based on very limited testing, it seemed to me that it takes much longer to initialize a remote desktop session with the new viewer, than it does using the remote desktop module in the RMM plugin.

The prompt showing step 1 (download) and step 2 (click link to takeover) comes up each time I launch the viewer, not just the first time when installation is obviously necessary. Shouldn’t this prompt be disabled after installation? That’s the way RMM works when newly installed: prompt for installation only if it isn’t present on the system.


Looks good great job.

*****Also, could you add functionality to view the complete machine restart process and not lose connectivity to the machine ?

Hi @Kees

Thank you for the feedback! All points are noted.

Hope to get more feedback from you and others.


Thank you for the comment. Sure, noted.

Hello @Kees and @Ferdinand ,

I have forwarded the feedback and feature requests to the appropriate staff for further analysis and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible.

Hi… great to see this new feature.
however I have to echo the sentiments from Kees. We really need the file transfer and powershell capability. it is critical for being able to remotely administer client PCs. thanks.

Another +1 for file transfer and command access

PS: Currently locked out (have an open job) so I haven’t had a chance to look at the new feature

Thanks for comments,

Further enhancements over session interaction are already on roadmap like clipboard share and file transfer. However, you can already run any Powershell command over devices with ITSM procedures. Please let us know if you need any help about that.

Waiting for further comments all :slight_smile: Please provide your feedback about how we can improve the product to serve you best.



first look is great cant wait for the feature enhancements down the line keep up the great work.

This looks great, but we have to agree that CMD / Powershell / Bash interaction is needed along with File Transfer.

why are you not using the Powershell command capability in ITSM procedures that you already have?

ITSM only supports Python, but if you write complex Python you can call commands but not the same as running a complete script.

The reason I raise it here is not a script based aspect, but the ability to have a remote CMD / Powershell console to a PC to run simple one off commands not worth scripting.

ok i understand thanks.
we’ll put in the roadmap and deliver it to you guys asap.

I second what everyone else said. Also, I think this should be web based and not require a download and install on a Windows machine. Why not straight from the browser? I’m working through a VM right now to accomplish this, which seems like an unnecessary complication.


We are sorry to ask you this but please specify the points where you agree with the rest of the participants, we would like to include you to the already escalated cases.

Hi @MTekhna

Native application has better performance over browser extension. That is why almost all remote desktop connection company (like Teamviewer) has the native application for devices.

However, we have the browser version on the roadmap as well. You would have options to choose once we build it.


I am going to hold my tongue (mostly) on this one. How could you even consider releasing it without a file transfer opton?Based on the comments above, I am not even going to look at it. Can I just keep using the old one? It works well and as early polls show, has more features and is faster. We use ComodoRMM mostly to install Splashtop ($89 / tech / year, unlimited desktops and servers) so we can get some real work done without fussing with a VNC based remote control tool that uses repeaters in Russia and the UK to broker connections.

Hello @Rickkee ,

RMM Admin Console will still be in place while the new tool is being developed.