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I have a couple of questions for the Comodo team about the price and functionality of End-point security. First what is the anticipated roll-out date for the web-based version of this product? Second, I’m seeing pricing in the $39 (retail price) for Comodo’s product and for some of the competitors I’m looking at costs as low as $20 (eSet) to $23 (Symantec). This is a fairly dramatic price change from what endpoint security has been in the past. The Cost difference between Comodo’s product and competitors looks like it is in the range of 1.00/month/Endpoint higher in price. I would like to hear from Comodo how we can position their product to justify the increased cost to customers. I’m sure all the MSPs appreciate the time and effort that has been spent in creating the tools and in order to help us pay back the effort by using your paid products I could use some assistance on the marketing front.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for the question.

First of all, the companies that you mentioned on your post are AV vendors but it is admitted by them (and by all industry leaders) Anti Virus is not a viable protection any more and you can’t depend on its blacklisting approach. I am adding a whitepaper which explains why you can’t rely on antivirus and will get cryptolockers and worse with this approach.

We developed Run Time Automatic Containment Technology (patent pending) to overcome the shortcomings of AV. With our containment technology (https://containment.comodo.com/), we are offering you the best endpoint protection available now in the world . Please check How Comodo Containment Security Works | How it works against Malware to see how we can provide that.

I added two whitepapers on this post. Also, you can visit our marketing resource library from below link. Let me know if I can help for anything more.

why-cant-my-antivirus-protect-my-business-anymore.pdf (1.44 MB)

comodo-containment-technology.pdf (1.48 MB)

we can provide you just antivirus (like the legacy products) same or less price…but legacy AV is not enough to protect your computers…let us know what kind of pricing is good for MSPs please.

Ilker, Thanks for the reply that is what I was looking for! When this becomes web based will it do away with the need for a cert at the customer location?

Melih, thank you for responding. More than a price change I’m looking for a justification of increased price to the customer. It would help me to sell the product if I had a side by side comparison of your product to the competition. I was thinking something along the lines of:

Competitor Comodo
Feature 1 Yes Yes
Feature 2 No Yes
Feature 3 No Yes

Maybe this already exists but I haven’t been able to find it. To go further off topic into the marketing topic, is there a webpage or document that has “Comodo Products for MSPs”? You have a ton of products and it would be nice to see a portfolio of products that you are looking to sell into the MSP space along with bullet points of how we can sell your products.


Hi Josh,

We created boards on this forum that we see good fit for immediate revenue opportunity for you. (https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/products/other-comodo-products) you might consider them as first target list.

We are also going to prepare some content for your request.

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very useful feedback Jos, Ilker is on it. pls keep the feedback coming, only thru collectively working together we will be able to help the msp community. thank you!

Hi Josh,

Here is a new comparison chart for a few vendors out there. Please let us know if you need anything else.

CESM Comparison.pdf (116 KB)

The most important thing we have that others don’t is the ability to protect from “day zero” malware due to our Containerization. That alone is worth the money!

Would be nice to be able to purchase this for sites w/ less than 10 workstations. All I see is starting with 10 licenses.


on 29th July, you will have Comodo Device Management (CDM) integrated into Comodo One.
Comodo Device Management (mdm.comodo.com) is a cloud based endpoint management and security product. All the endpoint management features will be free for CDM, the security part of it will be for a fee. You will be able to use CDM for any number of endpoints and purchase the security for any number of endpoints. within CDM you also have a full blown MDM (Mobile Device Management) functionality. I do mean full blown like the ones you pay $40 for for each managed mobile device…this will be FREE!!! You will be able to manage any mobile device, android or IOS with CDM. Only security will be for a fee. Considering other RMMs charge for RMM, service desk companies charge for Service desk, and other RMM companies who are including MDM functionality is charging a lot for MDM functionality…you getting all this for FREE will not only save you loads of money, but that money can now be reinvested in your business to help grow it.

We are always here to help grow and improve your business. That’s what partnership is about!

Hi Brian,

CDM release date is very close but If you want start with ESM here is the link to purchase for any number of endpoints:



The security part? Which products will it support from Comodo? If I buy CIS Pro licenses, it will manage those?

Would it be able to manage The Free Comodo Internet Security ?? This one;


Thank you!


It will be supporting paid for Comodo endpoint security products (slightly different than the consumer versions).

OK, so which product is it. Can I get a link? The only one I see states a minimum of 10 licenses. Please let me know.

Thank you!


This is the product link but it will require server (with valid license) or standalone valid license for it to work.

And here is the admin guide for it.

You can get any number of licenses from below link for this product.

Thank you for making it clear. So to be clear :), without a centralized server on site, I could buy licenses from here;
And I would be able to manage them with that license alone from the upcoming feature in RMM?

Thanks again!

Comodo Device Manager would have different licenses. So, what I can suggest you is to get one month trial license from below link. Then download the CES and start using it as standalone.

In 2 weeks, we are going to release the CDM new version and you would be able to try there and buy license for CDM.

I just tried to setup Comodo NxSIEM Cloud and when I tried to create new account it said my info already existed and when using the same info I log into Comodo One with it says it’s wrong. Since it’s looking for login info, what info is it wanting? This is of coarse trying get setup from with-in the Comodo One app store for the trial.

I think the problem is that you have an existing CAM (Comodo Accounts Manager) account. You can purchase multiple products with one CAM account and each of these products will have different credentials. When you click on “Get Now” button you are directly forwarded to CAM purchase page. Please use your existing CAM account credentials to get the NxSIEM Cloud Product trial by selecting the “Yes” radio button for the question “Are you an existing Comodo customer?”. After selecting yes and filling in the form you should get an account creation mail from Comodo NxSIEM and an order acknowledgment mail from CAM with your license and subscription details. Please follow the information in the subscription e-mail to login to the system.

I did exactly this and it tells me that my credencials are not correct. If I select “No” it tells the account already exists, if I pick “Yes” it tells me the login is not correct. Only thing I can think is maybe use my gmail login :slight_smile: OK, that was sarcastic but seriously, I know my log-in because I use it everyday.